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  1. Yes, understood! Just pointing out that the same problem could motivate either of the two possible solutions. Good to know! Does Seymour Duncan use the same solderless connectors as the EMG "quick connect"? If so, that would be fantastic for a direct swap.
  2. Yes, eliminating this step avoids a lot of hassle. Which is exactly why I'm surprised nobody besides EMG has chosen to eliminate it!
  3. Thanks @Prostheta. I had asked this question in a different forum and was told: "EMGs are grounded to actual ground the same as any other pickup, through the cable's ground. It's just that they're quiet enough and internally shielded well enough that you can get away with not grounding to the bridge." You are saying virtual earth (contained within the pickup itself?) whereas the other answer refers to actual ground through the cable (from guitar output to amp input). Are both somehow describing the same thing in different ways? Or would you say the other answer is simply incorrect?
  4. EMG pickups do not require a ground connection to the bridge. I'm curious why this is, and why other pickup manufacturers have not made the same choice. There must be some engineering cost-benefit analysis involved in the design decision. From the end user's perspective, I see only benefit in eliminating the need for a ground wire. What is the "cost" that prevents this from being a more popular design?
  5. Not much activity here. Anywhere else I should ask?
  6. Looking to order a one-off custom gig bag (i.e., not a bulk oem order) for an odd-shaped guitar. Any recommendations for places that will make one from custom measurements?
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