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  1. I routed a round over on the body & I put the frets in the fretboard on the neck.
  2. Today I did some body carving and sanding Carving the arm comfort curve. Then the belly comfort curve and bottom horn curve. Then I fit the neck just to see what it looks like.
  3. @Bizman62 I'm thinking about painting it silver glitter with black hardware.
  4. I routed the body tonight. The pickup cavities & the control cavity & neck pocket. I routed the Jack plate cavity on the backside. I wanted to make this Some thing a little different.
  5. @mistermikev Thank you. I am pretty proud of my work on this neck.red oak with walnut fretboard & red oak fret markers. I compared it with a factory neck & I have got it almost spot on for thickness & demintions.
  6. @ScottR thanks, the new Shinto rasp I just got makes fast work of shaping a neck.
  7. I did some carving on the profile of the neck with my new shinto saw rasp. Radious the fretboard and drilled the holes for the tuners.
  8. @Bizman62that is a cool reference to the color. It is a royal blue over black. And thank you, the red oak neck with walnut fretboard and red oak fret markers ,I think it looks pretty good.
  9. I drilled the holes for fret markers. Then I used a plug bit to drill out the markers out of red oak. Then I glued the fret markers in. I also chiseled out the nut slot.
  10. @ScottR@Bizman62 thank you for the helpful tips I will have to try those on the next neck that I build. I am also putting together a tele from parts but i made the body out of one piece of poplar. Then I used Rit dye and dyed it black sanded that back til it was just in the grain then dyed it royal blue over that. I think it looks nice.
  11. @Bizman62 yes I did. And I put tape over it before spreading the glue. Then I pealed the tape off and put the fretboard on and clamped it down.
  12. Well I sanded the glued in strip even with the neck. Then I drew a center line, and I routed it ever so slowly by hand and eye. Then I glued the fretboard on.
  13. @Bizman62 thank you for your suggestions. I do really appreciate them. I will do that on the next neck blank I route. But, I want to try and salvage the neck I am working on. As this is my second full build I did learn lessons from my first build and these things teach me how not to do some tasks.
  14. @Crusaderthank you. I will figure out the best way I can do the repair. Although the best way would be to route a truss rod channel first ,then find the center and draw the line and cut out the neck shape accordingly.
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