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  1. I finally finished the purple burst flat top. I was able to get the neck angle correct. And got all of the wiring straightened out. Looks good and plays good.
  2. So I ran into a bit of a snag. My neck Had too much of an angle on it so I cut the heal down. That didn't work so I took a kit that I built that has a Tuneomatic bridge set up on a bolt on neck. I took the measurements from that one at the heal of the neck & The neck pocket of the body. So I added wood to the neck pocket & cut the neck heal down.
  3. By the way the writing on the headstock is a little blurry but it says ivy guitars. Less Talk.....just a little play on words. Kind of like saying shut up and play. Lol...
  4. I think I have put about 6 coats of tru oil so far. In all I'm looking to put about 8 coats on. For those who want to know where is the carved top Les Paul? It's coming soon.
  5. @Bizman62 Thank you Sir, I used steel wool to lighten the center but it just looked blotchy and I had already put a coat of tru oil on. I mixed dye with tru oil and layered blue then purple. I thought the purple added a nice look to it.
  6. @Bizman62 Thank you Sir ! I appreciate the likes.
  7. I thought it looked blotchy so I added some purple to the light spot in the middle of the top.
  8. Stained the back & sides with red mahogany stain. Then using Rit clothing dyes I dyed the curly maple veneer.
  9. I also routed & glued the cream binding on.
  10. I got a little more work done on my flat top Les Paul tonight. I had to make templates for the control & switch cavities. I also carved a bone nut.
  11. I did a little more work on my flat top Les Paul guitar. I will get back to my carved top Les Paul ,but I want to finish this flat top first. I have templates to cut. & sand before I can carve the top & the inlays for the fretboard. Anyway here's some more on my flat top LP.
  12. So Here is the flat top with curly maple veneer on it. Now I'm gluing the veneer on the headstock.
  13. I don't know if I mentioned it but I am also building a LesPaul flat top inspired guitar for myself this one is a bolt on neck.I the moment I have maple veneer glue drying. But here is a look at it before I glued the veneer. The inlay are sticker but on the carve top I want to try doing wooden inlays.
  14. Cut fret slots and rough cut the fret board shape. Next step installing the truss rod and gluing the fret board on.
  15. @ScottR it was a lot of work but a learning experience. I did it for a friend which is why he got such a cheap price.
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