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  1. Done! Sounds and plays great! The finish could be a lot better, but lesson's learned... So many mistakes, can't even remember them all. Murphy's law really hit it home with this build.
  2. Inlays installed, cleaned well enough for fret install!
  3. I noticed I haven't posted any pics of the neck yet. Didn't go with the ebony inlay in the end, although I like the idea for some other build. Testing how my Big Dipper idea works.
  4. Thanks! I was thinking about that brand too. Anything specific that's been good?
  5. Didn't like the nitro I had previously from a new supplier, gave me tons of spatter. Had to sand back some of it, went back to Boston rattle cans. Worked perfectly. 10 coats later. Now to wait two weeks before wet sanding. Can anyone recommend good buff&polish compounds for nitro? I'm guessing any car compounds work just as well?
  6. Yup, reminded me of some vines or somesuch.
  7. Made the pickguard, neck ferrule holes and ebony control cavity cover, held in place with magnets.
  8. Great ideas for the finish. Love the "foliage".
  9. Another pickguard idea, I think I like this one more. More oil on the back, lightly sanded with 360 grit between coats.
  10. Better pic, the purple isn't that pronounced in reality.
  11. My binding job looked like garbage, scrathced all over the top so I redid everything. Oil on the back too now. Made doubly sure I won't slip with the razor this time while cleaning the binding. Argh. But on the positive I like the color wayy more than before now.
  12. Binding done. Managed to drop some glue on the top, hopefully it'll come off with some light wet sanding, there's two thick layers of nitro on the top so I'm hoping I won't go through.
  13. New router table day! Total budget $60. Living room cabinet, free from local ads, router Bosch Colt clone from amazon $40, router insert and bits, $20 from aliexpress. Worked flawlessly, even though I was very suspicious of my hodgebodge engineering. Soaked the top with IPA to check how it'll look.
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