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  1. If you're operating a lathe or drill press then obviously don't use gloves. Or long sleeves. Or long hair. With a router or angle grinder personally I feel safer since it's rotating fast enough so the gloves get torn first as a warning sign before you cut yourself. I couldn't find a definite answer though, so YMMV.
  2. I've felt much safer with the piece steady against the table rather than the router clumsily around corners. One mistep and the bit is in your groin. I always position the workpiece and my hands so that catching is minimized as a risk, plus I wear heavy gloves. I've worked as a sheet metal worker in power plants, and many times having that small extra bit of protection has saved my hands. The plate has multiple screw hole locations on the underside that you can drill through. It fit my Katsu router nicely, which I believe is the same size as Makita RT0700.
  3. I had a few similar experiences with the router biting bits of template when having a slight lapse of concentration. I fixed this by installing the router into a cabinet, much safer and easier this way, imho. Got a free cabinet from classifieds, routed a cavity for this plate: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000283280834.html
  4. Some Fear Factory nostalgia to celebrate completion. https://soundcloud.com/nakedzen/lumiaalto-004-fear-factory
  5. Thanks! Not perfect but always improving my skills.
  6. I've been lurking in that thread, very nice. Here's a bunch of promo pics of the end result.
  7. Sure is! I'm very much an outdoors type of person. It's also the name of my record label translated to finnish. (Snow Wave Records)
  8. It makes noise! A small blind test, guess which is which? Lumiaalto build #001, bolt-on telecaster with EMG's, ash body, maple neck Lumiaalto build #004, bolt-on strat with EMG's, ash body, flame maple top, maple neck, ebony top. ESP Stef B7, neckthrough 7-string with EMG's, alder body, maple neck.
  9. Moving on, nearing the finish on build #004. Neck stained and oiled, binding scraped. Shielding done, nut filed. First \m/ metal test done! Still need to level the frets, crown, dress and polish. Then onto the green strat build.
  10. And onwards... Shaped and stained the neck yesterday. Oil goes on today!
  11. I went for more of a compound 10"-14" radius so for that it worked OK. I wouldn't use it for single radius.
  12. Final hardware look, had to test for any surprises. Binding scraped! Card scrapers really changed my life, I can't use a razor without scratching the top no matter how slowly I work. Redid the stain on the back, had some pretty bad scratches on it. Installed the frets on the neck. Top had some nice 3D figure on it now.
  13. Lol, thankfully someone likes it! For me it's just a reminder of a bodge job.
  14. Getting into high gear now. Interesting flamefor the control cavity cover, looks like a long- eared owl to me. Getting the stain in, using brown Angelus stain and alcohol based orange from a local store. First coat of oil on the last pics.
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