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  1. Finished Allparts Necks On Sale! Limited quantities. PM me if you are interedsted in one. SRSF-C 130.00 shipped in the US 21 tall frets (.079" x .051") Maple neck with very thin satin finish Rosewood fingerboard 12" radius Nut width 1-5/8" Heel width 2-3/16" Tuning Peg Hole Diameter .340" Truss Rod adjustment at heel Neck thickness .86" at first fret, .96" at twelfth fret TMSF-FAT 130.00 shipped in the US 21 tall frets (.079" x .051") Chunky maple neck with very thin satin finish 9.5" radius Nut width 1-5/8" H
  2. Your welcome David. I have about 5 of the bulk TK-1's left and that will probably be it. I have a few bulk packed chrome TK-2's that I will be listing soon too.
  3. I have some in stock, but the shipping is not included.
  4. I have some Finished Mighty Mite bodies for sale. $125.00 shipped in the US. I have some quilt and flamed finished Strats I will post later. Strats Off White, White, Surf Green, Chrome Red, Agave Blue, CAR, Inca Silver Teles Off White, CAR, Black
  5. Got some more in. Made a good deal on them 70.00 shipped for TK-1 Chrome.
  6. On Sale this week! 75.00 Shipped CoNUS or 5.00 off international shipping.
  7. T-r-e-m......K-i-n-g........T r e m o l o's T.K - 1 Bulk Packed NOS! 80.00 Shipped in the US. They wont last long at this price. I have all the others on sale at 20% off.
  8. I have 4 of them on the way. 122.50 plus actual shipping. Replacement Neck for Strat®, Maple with Rosewood Board, 21 Tall frets(.095" x .055"), 10" Radius, 1-5/8" nut width, No Finish. Heel width = 2 3/16", 1st fret thickness = 0.85", 12th fret thickness = 0.95", Frets: Tall, Tuning Key Holes: Vintage
  9. I have some Lace Preloaded Pickguards in stock. PM me for additional discount on these! I also have the Lace Hot Gold 30th Anniversary Sets with the clear covers on sale too. Lace Alumitone S/S/S with N-Tune 283.50 Lace Alumitone H/S/S with N-Tune 295.00 Lace Sensor Blue/Silver/Red with N-Tune 276.50 Lace Gold Sensor White PG and Covers 210.00 (Big Discount PM Me) Lace Gold Sensor Black PG and Covers 210.00 (Big Discount PM Me)
  10. 3 new Les Paul Kits in. Long Tenon, Ebony Cap on the headstock. Body and neck 260.00 plus shipping.
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