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  1. I have an EC-300 goldtop eclipse with an almost new gator custom les paul hard case. The guitar is in excellent condition with maybe one or two small dings, it still has the plastic on the rear control cover. The pickups were upgraded to a Duncan 59 in the neck and a dimebucker in the bridge. It plays great, looks awesome, and sounds incredible. I would keep it but I just got my edwards LP and it is more my style. Looking for $450 plus actual shipping to wherever you want it shipped. Thanks
  2. I have ac ouple of things just laying around that I need to move out. All the prices are pretty set but they do include shipping in the lower 48 US states. Drop me a PM if you are interested in anything. Fender neck plate with screws, stamped "Fender" $11 2 piece gold neck plate with gold screws $11 (2) adjustable wraparound chrome bridges with posts and body inserts $23 each Electro Harmonix English Muffn tube pedal with power supply $125 Electro Harmonix small clone chorus pedal $45 If you want them both I can let them go for $155 shipped Van Zandt Texas T
  3. you posted a picture of this BEAUTIFUL green/black quilt top guitar... how did you paint it??

  4. As stated in the title. In great condition with a little fade on the corners, and about 6-7 inches of lead wire. Looking for $50 shipped in the USA. I will ship internationally but you need to contact me to figure out shipping cost.
  5. I have a Washburn XB900 pro level bass project for sale. It includes the body and the blank neck. You need to add all hardware and electronics. The neck obviously needs a fretboard, but that leaves you free to choose maple, rosewood, whatever... fretted or fretless. The body appears to be solid swamp ash and theneck maple. The body face grain is great. The finsih is ok but I bought with the intention of refinishing it, but I am finding that time is way too limited to be working on any more projects. So here it is ready for someone to take over. Thes ebasses were over $1K new. Looking f
  6. I usually charge about $80-90 to ship a guitar to Canada. I only use US Postal Service Global Express when I ship complete guitars anywhere in the world if it is at all possible. The service includes tracking (which standard airmail does not) and allows you to insure your package for full amount (which standard airmail does not either depending on the value of the item you are shipping). Plus the package typically arrives anywhere in the world within about 3-5 days, standard airmail can take up to 2+ weeks, even to Canada from the USA. The one drawback to this service is that most cou
  7. We recently did a refinish on a guitar that did something close to what you are alooking at. We took a Plain top guitar and painted a quilted maple/mabled top onto it then finished it with a two color burst. If you are concerned about the contours of the body creating issues with the veneer you want to lay on top you could do the same type of pattern by hand, if you are handy with an airbush. Take a look at ours, keep in mind that is not a figured maple top, it is all paint work.
  8. I have another set of pickups to add to the list of pickups for sale. This is a set of 3 strat syle Seymour Duncan Little 59 PAF pickups. They are all inexcellent condition with the middle pickup having never even been installed. Looking for $135 for the set or $50 each shipped in the lower 48 of the USA. These are about $75 each new on eBay.
  9. The white humbucker: $12 shipped in the US lower 48 Black and Creme humbucker set: $12 shipped in the US lower 48
  10. I have this mini strat available that was going to be a refinishing and upgrade project for my middle daughter, but she has found another guitar she would rather have. The electronics on this guitar work fine though it is not strung right now. There is some finish chipping on the bottom near the strap in also. Other than that it is a great guitar that would be perfect for a kid or as a travel guitar. It is only 29 inches in overall length and about 19 inches from nut to saddles. The guitar is shown in the pics in front of my oldest dughters Daisy Rock to give you an idea of the size of the
  11. 1) Fender MIM neck and midle strat pickups with screws and springs. Excellent condition *************************SOLD******************************* 2) No-Name white humbucker, new, never installed still has protective plastic 3) No-Name creme/black humbucker set work fine but both have short leads and one has exposed wire near the pickup body. Other than that the pickups themselves look new. These are great if you wanted to learn to work on pickups. 4) SeymourDuncan Jerry Donahue Telecaster Bridge pickup model APTL-3JD. Like new condition. $75 plus shipping online new for these.
  12. Oil finishes are nice. There are a couple of downsides to them. One is they have more of a tendency to pick up dirt and skin oils then any of the other finishes. So you tend to get dirty looking areas where your hands or forearms rest. You can usually take care of this with a little steel wool and reapplication of the oil but after a while you will get a somewhat dingy look to the area. Another issue is that oils do not actually completely seal a wood. This particularly true of Tung oil. So if you live and play in areas that are extremely humid or have very wild environmental fluctuation
  13. I am assuming that you are looking at hand painting the guitar,correct? If so one thing that I have done in the past that has worked very well is using non-reduced airbrush paints with a regular bristle type art brush. I use the brand auto air color for the paints, but pretty much any of the water based air brush paints should do what you are looking for. The Auto Air Color are a little more than other brands but they are water based and work with either nitro or poly type clear coats. Plus they go on a little flatter than most conventional art paints such as acrylics. If you look on eBa
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