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  1. I once made a amp stand using the right angle of the floor and a wall.
  2. yes!! thats the guy, unfortunately it looks like his pictures have gone but i remember his builds were really nice and simple.
  3. dragging this up again. who what they guy from korea who made the most amazing guitars in his living room. he was my favourite builder and really seemed to be making things work with what he had.... anyone?
  4. Ahh ok. makes sense now, I think I'll wiring it like a les paul as youve suggested. Its already wiring having the switch straight after the pickups, which is why I was having trouble understanding how to get the 2 tone pots to the output. Plus its good i can wire the switch like the photo..... it looks very confusing at the moment. Thanks alot!
  5. yeah kidna, it have 4 wires coming/ going to it. one each from the pickups, and one each to the volume knobs, so im not sure where to wire the tone pots to. I've never really dealt with these witches before.
  6. I know a guy who has a gold top hollow body no cutaway bass.... it looks killer. DO IT!!
  7. Exactly, only there are Two tone pots. Its a hollow body so ive just got the stuff coming out of the F-holes so Im not sure how much a photo will help. I've just gotten output from one pickup, but im not sure how to wire to other pickup to the output.
  8. Hey guys, I just picked up this random old guitar on the weekend (ive got no idea what brand it is.. maybe a teisco) and the only problem with it is the electronics, theres a few small things that need to get fixed in it. As far as i can tell the wiring goes Pickups>> to lightswitch kind of switches>>volume>> tone pot. the volume and tone pots configuration is simular to a les paul... but the switches are before the pots. Im just trying to figure out how to get both pickups to get to the output. Any ideas??? Sorry if that doesnt make sense
  9. mmm the guitar is only a 2002 model and my mate said some guy hand wound it. I couldnt see anything on the back of the pickup either. Im really interested to know what it is!?
  10. hey gents, been a hiel since ive been around. I recently bought a US strat from my friend and its got this wild humbucker in it. he cant remember what it is, but apprently its a handwound thing. any ideas? (the poles you can see arent normally so visable. there is a fine grill that goes over those two spaces, i think the flash just made it more visable)
  11. Hey guys For all those in the Sydney, NSW area. I'm selling my 1965 Fender Blackface Vibrachamp. Its in near perfect condition and is a great amp. I'm looking for around $1,300 ono. Ill post some photos asap. PM if your interested. Cheers Tim
  12. mm true.. does have a pitch shift thing in there....perhaps some kind of bitcrush distortion or something?
  13. hey guys, I haven't been around in a while. I've been doing alot of playing and not much building (I'm Sorry!!). But I have a little project coming up which I'll share soon!! In the mean time I been scratching my head about some effects, in particular this one. Its a bit of an ask to pick apart the brain of sufjan but you guys might have more of an idea. it starts at around 2:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6sJCkcKiSI by the way this album is killer, one of the best of the year. in case you were wondering cheers
  14. something like this? http://ampgarage.com/forum/files/anderton_...b_drive_543.pdf
  15. oh no i ment that i wanted to make a primitive version of that pedal. i dont really think im up for adding all the things he has. do you have any links reffering to op amps and tubes in regaurds to driving the springs? will i need a power supply somewhere to drive it as its going before my amp. sorry for all the questions im just trying to gather alot of info before i attempt anything. cheers
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