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Help Fingerboard for a 7 strings

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Hi all,

this is may very first post so sorry if i am in the wrong part of the website and sorry for my poor english :)


I have just done 5 different guitars Fully handmade, This time I would like to create the fingerboard with cnc (5way) . Since I'm not able to draw the project, I wonder if anyone is so kind to draw the following fingerboard for me: (I'm sure I will learn to use cad design programs but I have this compelling project that I would like to finish as soon as possible)
7 strings - gibson scale 24.75" -  24 frets -  20 of radius - the nut width 1 7/8"


Please Help Me!




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To the best of my knowledge, a radius on a fret board can only be achieved two ways on a CNC. Either the Z axis travels in an arc as it tracks from left to right across the face of the fret board:


Or the cutter moves along the length of the fret board at discrete heights and creates a staircase pattern that approximates the intended radius which must be later processed to remove the ledges created by the cutter:


The first method would result in less work, but would take longer to complete. The second would be quicker to complete, but requires more effort to finish off.

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