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stuck need feedback/muse on tele design(s)

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5 minutes ago, mistermikev said:

stu I'm reading your post while I was working on my drawing at the 'template level'... I was thinking I might take a look at the f hole with this style but smaller - like you suggested - just to see how it looks... but my photoshop template is setup such that it isn't easy to switch back and forth between this view and my template view... so I'll have to revisit that. 

I'm not sure a smooth straight line headstock is what I'm after... but you've made me start thinking about another thing I might try to lock it all together - so thanks for that!

I very much appreciate your feedback.

No worries!


We all know the pain of going through tens of design iterations before even making any dust! 🤣

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tru dat.  all part of that measure twice, cut once school of thought. 

this template is especially complex because I'm trying to set it up to where I can make one template and be able to do a thinline, and a deluxe,,, so 4 knob + toggle vs 2 knob + 3way... tremolo bridge vs tom style.  lot going on!  Every time I step away for a sec and come back I think of some new detail I need to re-work... so until I run out of new thoughts... keep iterating!

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