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  1. hehe, really overshot the mark on that one... sure, yes abso-motherfricken-lutely: ( Step07__CT5StringBody_V2.08_Top_NeckPocket{AngledWorkpiece}_spiralPath ) ( File created: Saturday November 21 2020 - 02:05 PM) ( for Mach2/3 from Vectric ) ( Material Size) ( X= 15.900, Y= 20.400, Z= 2.250) () (Toolpaths used in this file:) (NeckPocket-AngledWorkpiece) (Tools used in this file: ) (1 = End Mill MV {0.25 inch}) N100G00G20G17G90G40G49G80 N110G70G91.1 N120T1M06 N130 (Tool: End Mill MV {0.25 inch}) N140G00G43Z0.8000H1 N150S12000M03 N160(Toolpath:- NeckPocket-Ang
  2. well... right now aspire puts out just 'tool 1' every time... I've split my job into each toolpath and really only run one (or occassionally two) common tools at the sm time... and it is always a 1/4" bit. what I'm getting at is - afa mach3 is concerned it is seeing that sm bit (at least I think so) for each job. it is successful in other cases. share my routine - ok, not sure if I know 100% what you want but... basically take some vectors in aspire.. right now I'm importing bitmaps that came from photoshop, then doing a bitmap trace to get vectors in aspire. then I use the aspire comm
  3. well..... not the code. ran perfect and as expected. that said... an invaluable resource so thank you for that. the thing that stuck me about my tests this morning... the code runs the exact sm way every time I run it. it's def not a mech issue because you'd think there would be some variation... but each pass it shifts the shape the width of the bit to the right... and after running my x axis is shifted the width of the bit minus stepover times however many passes I've made to the right. anywho... I need to do some work on this control box... but if I'm putting the effort int
  4. idk how... but must have never sent my reply. gonna try this nao - good call!!
  5. I didn't realize such a thing existed... then again I did run someone else's version of the toolpath... which is just a shape cut to a pocket... and had similar but opposite problems... but this is an invaluable resource... will try it tonight!!
  6. oh, well... that's reassuring cause i thought mine might be WAY off!! lol
  7. interesting... my steps are 320, velocity 1500 and accel 400! good to know this is where I will look when I figure out what drivers/motors I have. thanks again for the info!!
  8. hehe, did not realize they were knock offs. I thought they were sgs510z... https://www.ebay.com/c/672294780 not exactly cheap!! cool tho if they work smooth. they fit the 'smooth' theme of the guitar.
  9. wow biz... you did a great job on that... lotta good details. I like that the 'roundness' of the pickups matches the soft 'roundness' of the guitar. (those are engineering technical terms). how you like them gotoh z tuners. I abso love them myself. very very smooth. nice work.
  10. well for the record... just trying to keep wacking the mole over here... tried running without my spindle - nothing changed. altered my accel and velocity... ran slower but nothing changed. so we can cross those two things off the list.
  11. wow, that's a big bite.... need to chew chew chew. well, feels like the term step is getting used in more than one meaning... but in this one - I have read that the step setting in mach3 for my drivers is 320. pretty interesting stuff. I will be taking the ctrl box apart this weekend and know what the drivers are... will see if I can find the datasheet. thank you very much for the info!!
  12. can you elab afa how a simpleton like me might accomplish?
  13. thank you for the reply sir. interesting... seems a common thread among those that know what they are doing that they have ethernet card. if I understand... you are talking about calibrating steps as mikro was mentioning earlier? Setting my steps as it were? I did calib my x and y axis tonight... y was off a bit (.125ish) but fixing it did not correct my issue. tomorrow morning I was thinking I would try running it w/o my spindle plugged in. I am aware that the spindle is typical source for interference with other axis (if there is going to be any... should be there anyway).
  14. jeeze... spoon feeding me - love it!! thank you so much.
  15. well that's a good idea... testing it under load as opposed to not. that is a solid idea. wish I'd have known that before I bought a dial indicator! don't see how this corresponds to step tho... I was under the impression that step was a pre-determined measurement based on your motors... and that for the 6040 it should be 320. So the mach3 calib where you tell it to move 1" and then measure and enter that value: that changes steps?
  16. thank you very much for the response. well, good advice there - it is exactly what Mikro advised. I went through my machine, and tightened all the leadscrews. x was a hair loose... but it didn't solve the issue. I also tightened the linear bearings (I think that's what they are called) and it make everything a bit tighter and yet still smooth... but didn't solve the issue. yesterday... on a whim I added some ferrite beads to all axis... when I ran immediately after - it actually ran right... but then ran again to see if it was consisten and it ran wrong. this makes me think it's
  17. I agree that it is unlikely an issue with mach3... wasn't suggesting that... just thinking about replacing the controller with literally 'anything' else as I'm told this controller is not great and that this issue is likely related to grounding issues that are common on this machine. there are many threads about gutting them and replacing the controller and all wires. I don't want to go to that extreme... and I'd love to rule out everything else first. I bought a dial indicator and an arm for doing just this (calibration)... but got stopped when I realized I didn't have a way to mound i
  18. so I come here to chew bubblegum and piss and moan... and I'm all out of bubblegum. so, still issues with my machine cutting a neck pocket. have had some help here from mikro - went through my machine and tightened all couplers/bearings and ruled that out - did make some improvements but were not quite there yet. I've cut out the body shape, the pickup cavity and several other projects - all with no issues... but the neck pocket - if I start cutting it and stop the machine and go back to zero: I'm no longer at zero. had some help from a gent on cnc6040 group on facebook, he gen
  19. it has been my experience... that when someone overheats and/or uses crap solder to make a pot connection... the best way to go is to get some de-soldering braid with lots of flux on it. In fact... I have taken mg chem de-soldering braid, dipped it in flux... and then let it drool all over the pot. Leaves a mess you need to clean up with alcohol... but is 100/100 in terms of getting nasty grey'd out solder to relinquish its grip on pots. At least that is what works for me. Does generally require a little more heat from the iron (usually 550 for me). Hope that helps!
  20. OK, so it's def NOT that you are pinching her cheeks and well, um....... nevermind.
  21. hehe, nos guitar necks - I'm told they are all the rage... very "in" right now!!
  22. I must say... she has HUGE..................................feet. also, looking great! I noticed that suspiciously there is a lot of petina in certain areas. while I think this looks really cool... can't help but wonder how it got that way.
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