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  1. not normally a big fan of the burnt look but gotta say it won me over on this one. lovely.
  2. note to self - avoid jamma board!!
  3. right on... i spose all you can do is start from one end and work to the other.
  4. sorry to hear of wiring complications... never fun. 48wires sounds like a pita w/o an accurate diagram. I would think - given that's such a popular item... someone on a forum somewhere has a corrected layout file. idk if there's anything useful here but it was an interesting read anyway! https://www.instructables.com/install-a-JAMMA-harness-in-an-arcade-cabinet/
  5. really looks lovely. with all the electronics and controls going on... pretty clean. nice work. leds - takes it over the top. I bet it is super versatile. lots of gotm potential there. I do hope you'll do a vid? would love to hear it.
  6. idk guys... maybe you SHOULD dunk the whole pickup... then you can call it an antiquity! have often thought about etching pickup covers. I've never done the electrolytic method but have etched about a zillion pcb boards and lots and lots of aluminum pedal enclosures with both Ammonium persulfate and ferric chloride. Idk if electrolytic generates any heat but ferric sure does and that would def melt the wax potting on a pickup. sounds like you are on to taking the cover off anyway... good on ya. would love to see pics of the process. what I know about pnp blue/ferric/per
  7. pretty sure I've actually seen someone do a bolt-on on this type of prs where they had the neck extend under the pickup, but had bolts going into it on the back side. you could extend the pocket... and if you sculpted it right you could likely even get it to be as comfy. ie using ferrules and screws as opposed to a neck plate. there's not really a lot of wood there to begin with so i would think you'd need to go out approx 1.25-1.5 inches but sure... why not. I think you COULD use the current neck pocket... but I wouldn't. It would likely hold as long is it didn't get dropped but if
  8. old leaf? I'm assuming gold leaf... did you type that with your pinky extended?
  9. love that top... so much attitude.... it's like "I'm gonna be burl... on second thought I'm gonna be flamed maple... but I'm feeling a little spalty today... nah, I'm gonna be burled maple". love it. 7 distinct types of nice in that build. is that glitter inlay? lovely. carbon fiber neck? love it.
  10. and I'm told the problem is even worse with gnome women... they are notorious shoppers/spenders. always gotta have fancy hair and the best of the best... so high maintenance!!
  11. well... if it's anything like my wife... must of set you back nice carved top... or at least a new fancy set of tuning machines (yes, that how I measure money now!).
  12. bringing it back on topic in 5... 4... 3... so... i think that's the first I've seen the feathering on the sides of her hair. nice touch. looks like she just came out of the salon.
  13. have often thought of a variation on this: in theory you could achieve the sm effect by planing the neck angle into the back of the body. ie the front of the guitar would remain completely flat... but the back of the guitar would have a slope. the reason it wouldn't be a great option; on a les paul for example, is because of the effect that putting the pickups "back in the body" would have on the sound, if that makes any sense. also folks like the fact that strings are raised off the body making it less cramped against the face of the body. (EDIT - also you'd have to countersink the bridge
  14. I don't want to litter your thread with too much but when you were talking about neck profile... I'm working on a neck doing the orig evh/axis profile and the odd thing about it to me is how it sort of 'bulges' out around the 12th fret. not a linear/gradual change. Using a number of dif references for profile so I'm sure this is how it is but never noticed playing an axis. My point is eddies odd contribution to neck profiles shouldn't be understated - afaik he pretty much started the whole asym profile thing and that neck, while nothing like a wizard, is easily as comfy despite being much t
  15. well treated to a prostheta build... looking fwd to it. everyone thinks about building an evh at some point I assume... and I've def thought about it. for me... the single pickup baretta variation he used on panama video is my fav... but not sure I could build one w/o adding a neck pickup and ruining it! the mm evh being a close second for me. the frankenstrat, the yellow/black strat, all have a place in my heart. the shark prob is the pinnacle of tone guitar... but lets face it - no one wants to build that monstrosity! I suspect there will be a lot of cool things to see in your build an
  16. sounds about right... I think on a bridge like that square would be better... plus if you move one side fwd a bit you've just changed your ctr. I think your post holes will not be on the intonnation line but further back. the way I'd determine sqr would be to put a good straight edge on each side of the fretboard and draw a line. use ruler from center of 12th fret and measure back half scale length and make a mark. do this for both sides of the fretboard then connect the dots with a line. then measure bridge width and make marks along that horizontal (either side of the br
  17. nah, I think you were clear... that's on me... I'm just not good with reading... and letters... or numbers... concepts are a challenge for me... hehe!
  18. the thing that stands out to me in your post is .08mm... that's pretty low no? I mean, I like low action myself... and don't bother to measure ever... but I thought 1-1.5mm is good - def not high. I'm pretty sure my jem is in that range... and it plays great. If you manhandle that guitar it will buzz but it's not fret buzz - it's string rattle. If you play soft/fast - no buzz. so if you are getting 2mm at the nut/24th and .08mm at the 13th... sounds like the issue is too much relief. I would think relaxing the bow and doing some fall off at the 17-24 would allow the string some room to v
  19. nice colors (agreed) the fretboard, the blue, the orange... nice work.
  20. well did a test run... had some issues due to my bending the laws of the software I'm using. has a number of 'training wheels' setup to prevent you from cutting too deep or making things beyond your stock dimensions... and this did not suit my plans of not doubling my work as I tried to do two necks in one project. they have several things in common and wanted to keep them together at least until I worked out the bugs... so had to separate them. got that done and started another test. flat spot is due to initial test... but all in all not bad. profile looks good and didn't break through t
  21. looks right to me... (no expert).
  22. right on. not sure if you got my reference above... but skate or die was catchphrase from the 80's game "720" which was a skateboard came... and had an unusual rotating joystick. obviously if you didn't play this one game... that controller wouldn't make sense... but if I ever build one... gonna have to figure that out!! 99% of games would be handled via 1 joystick and two buttons for me.
  23. There is only one thing a true child of the 80's would say to something like that... and that is "SKATE OR DIE"!!! looks pretty cool so far bud.
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