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  2. Thanks Scott, the past 24hours have been me reliving the hell I have been through with this and the reality of not being able to do shit about it as the Malpractice laws in Texas are totally fucked up in the favor of the Dr's and Hospitals. I have only 4 months to file if I could and unless I died or lost a limb no one will even bother. It would cost me 100k to 250K just to file in those events. WTF? Yep the laws were changed about 12 years ago. mk
  3. Bit more done today after work, just need to get the press brake set up to fold the bridge up. Body still needs sanding down after topping up some little bits of resin that had chipped out from machining.
  4. Interesting video. Decent looking result as well.
  5. I went to my new doctor yesterday. It was an enlightening experience. He was very matter of fact and spent 2 hours with me. We went over images going back to my original hip complaint 2 years ago. Yep it is my hip. My back was not the problem and the surgery was not needed. Therefore, I should not had the complications either. Pissed is not even close to how I feel about those assholes that led me down that path. So now I must determine when I will have my hip replaced. Fuck me!! Hopefully soon and I can move on with my life. MK
  6. And I've discovered during the chasing down and finding of new crafts I do like, that sometimes I can't go back to the stuff I used to like. SR
  7. I've seen a number of craft brewers go under because they did not keep up with the next hot thing. So many try to do so and put out a bunch of stuff that is only new, but not hot. On the other hand, I've seen any number of folks....usually much younger than I, drinking stuff I would pour out.....and acting like they like it. SR
  8. For sure! It sure is fun when you get some building time on your hands Luis. You are on fire! SR
  9. Thanks Mike. This has often been repeated, but I have just read that Michelangelo said it first: I just carved away the parts that weren't David. Oh, and you have to go way to the bottom for the drooly. That's where all the best ones are IMHO. Thanks Andy. I do try to make all the contours look like they belong together. This one still has a bit of bulk to lose, and quite a few lines to refine, but I think it is possible to see where it is going. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you have been inspired to do Ash. SR
  10. Yeah. Five years ago there was a craft beer section in every Spec's with some really good offerings in Stouts, IPA, etc. Now everyone is covering up an inferior beer with added flavorings. If I ever get my house finished and set up my keg system I can combat the influx of bad beer a keg at a time. At least with kegs you can get them to order what you want.
  11. open it up and inspect. more than likely the mono jack has been disconnected or perhaps is making contact with the shield. ask youself: what changed? new cable?
  12. Absolutely, it's given me something to aspire to, and I'll be timing my GOTM entries around this one
  13. Get your search keywords and video descriptions right and you will get more search impressions. Include the jobs you're doing, wood you're using, tools you're using etc in both the description and the keywords. Make sure the title is descriptive as possible. Sometimes you just get lucky if you type headstock angle into youtube search, one of your videos is on the first page, but your thumbnail is completely unrelated to cutting a headstock angle, so it might get good impressions in search but that won't convert to views if your thumbnail isn't inviting.
  14. Always enthralled by your carvings. It is sculpture more than it is carving.
  15. I'm not having a pickguard but 6-8mm clearance is a little to close for comfortable playing, think Ill to stick with the normal height then and do a flush profile of the fretboard to the neck rather than an overhang. Thanks for all your info Bizman, much appreciated.
  16. Having visited a few craft beer weekend happenings I can already tell that they seem to forget the main thing (=making good beer) while searching for new flavours. This year everyone seemed to make sour beers, last year flavoured stouts were the thing. The year before it was all about fruit...
  17. Also bear in mind that the pickups have both depth and height. Having the cavity deep enough for the strings not to touch the pickup is no issue, but with a very shallow bridge you'll loose the height adjusting range for the pickups. Having them below the surface is not a good looking option. More importantly, if you have a straight body with only the fretboard being above the body level, you'd be having very little clearance between the strings and the body, only about 6 to 8 mm. If you add a pickguard, that would take half of it away. There'd be no space for the strings to vibrate and you'd be hitting the body with your pick while playing.
  18. Been trying to take more in progress pics. I have so much wood and so many bodies, i can make close to 20 guitars.
  19. I'd rather call that a piece of art that functions as a guitar. It's not only that you know how to use your tools for such a smooth finish, the more important thing is that you can visualize such forms in a square blank. <there wasn't any drooling smiley>
  20. Hmm... I think you know I rather meant the guy whose tips and tricks on YouTube all three of us have seen. One more trick you might have found useful is marking the thickness of a top that's carved both sides. If I heard right you mentioned that it's rather difficult not to carve the top too thin. A pillar drill is your friend there: Simply put a knob on the table so you can freely tilt the carved outside. Then adjust a drill bit with the depth stopper so that the bit stops at the desired thickness. After that, simply drill a good bunch of holes to the inside and carve along the bottoms. Just be cautious about the stopper not getting loose, I've drilled one hole through the top on my current build.
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