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  1. Does anybody know how to determine the proper spot to put your pickups in relation to the scale of the instrument. For maximum harmonic output or however you're supposed to word it. I am specifically interested in this knowledge for bass guitar (jazz style pickups). Thanks, Mitch
  2. EBJ! That thing is by far the MOST inventive and original out there....though the others are still wonderful specimens.
  3. Primal, you're the man. I voted via the category thing mentioned in the contest thread. How many builds has the builder done? How much did he build? How original was it? How good of a jod did he do? By this logic: Primal, MzI and Boggs were the least experienced builders in the thread, they get a 1 up. From there they all get another 1 up for original shapes. After this is where the decisions are made: As far as I can tell (MzI didnt mention specifically i he made the neck or not, but by the pics on his site, it seems he didn't) Primal is the only one who built his own neck. His shape, other than Boggs's was the most original, and I think it was more aesthetically pleasing than the others. Everyone loves to vote for beatiful guitars (Drak ) but the fact of the matter is, he bought his neck just like any other joe, and Primal built his and it looks great, which sets him apart.
  4. I routed the cavities first. To me, it makes a difference, a big one. Once the top is carved, having a place to set your router so that it balances is difficult. If you can help it, route the pickups out first. In situations where the top angles down towards the neck, you have to route them after you carve the top, or they wont be in the right spot.
  5. The carve depths, stops, and locations are something that is difficult to get a good grasp on and give measurements for. A lot of the work is by eye, and by feel. Robert Benedetto's book on building a Archtop is extremely detailed, and even he doesnt give depth measurements, or locations. He says "drill a series of holes at several different levels corresponding to the proposed outside arch" in other words, you decide how you want the carve to flow, etc. Generally, you have a point thats 0 depth, and at its deepest, the top will be 1/4" thick (around the edge) everything else is kinda up to you. Check Setch's Les Paul thread in the in progress section, he does a wonderful carve job and a pretty good job of showing how he does it as well.
  6. Guitar Building Templates has exactly what you want. Even down to the nice bird inlays. Enjoy, a little pricy (if you're stingy like me) but dead accurate and well made. EDIT: I made this awhile ago
  7. i second (third) that second place from last month idea
  8. i like my guitar, but i had to vote for TSL's strat. It's just too good.
  9. sorry to stray, but jeffrey, who is the girl in your avatar....please tell me thats not your wife
  10. Here's my entry (wanted to get it in last month, but things got tied up) Specs: Custom 21 Fret PRS Copy Mahogany Back w/Quartersawn Hard Maple Carved Top Bookmatched Hard Maple neck (opposite nearly quartersawn grain for stability) Rosewood Fingerboard with 1/4" Abalone Dot Inlays (pearl side dots) PING (sperzel copies) Tuning Machines PRS Tremelo PRS Santana SE Pickups This is the second full guitar we have done. The first was a fretless bass flop, and this is the second.
  11. But then did you just tell us? How confusing.... AH, ITS A DEAD HEAT! Only HOURS remaining! Who will break the tie....?
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