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  1. I think that was more the way you put the bondo on if u put it on let it cure then sand so only the grain or ding your trying to fill is filled you will be fine. I used bondo on my last time and found if you leave it on like wood putty it will crack but if you put it on smooth with a putty knife it will be fine.
  2. the gibson tour is sick but when they said they wait 4 days till wet sand and buffing i dont believe them isnt that way to quick to buff with laquer?
  3. ive got another about the router. ALWAYS make sure the sitch is off before plugging it in. I did that today but luckily it was my new router that has a saftey thing that builds up the speed instead of all out right when you hit on. My old router probbably would have tipped of my bench and given me a nice new scar.
  4. i talked to the manger at the music store i go to about having one put on an epi ace frehly sig lespaul he said for them to do it it would be extremely expensive and that most of the lps you find popping up on ebay with floyds have problems with them. with all this in consideration i think its gonna be a very hard job for you to do. is the guitar an actuall gibson?
  5. i think that might end up being a cut it yourself job. I know that warmoth sells necks inlayed like that but there bolt ons. i hope you are able to find some they realy look amzaing.
  6. im George Im a hobbiest im a junior in highschool i read lots of books on building im currently building my first two guitars a lespaul and a oak sg ive refinished 3 guitars ive wired 4 im in carpentry in school this will be my 3rd year (full vocational not woodshop) and ive been playing guitar for 5 years.
  7. if you have a lowes around you you can have a pink stain mixed its a minwax i know that.
  8. this is kind of on the same basis what about all the times big brands have thrown there logo on stuff they didnt make? (not like outsourcing) ESP through a logo on the jfrog guitar George Lynch had and Charvel put a logo on a fender owned by Jake e lee (before fender bought them). Shouldnt that be just as bad?
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