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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Sunday. I understand what you are saying, for sure. I kept the pickguard stock primarily because guitarists are fiercely traditionalist and I wanted to keep that traditional look and "feel" specifically for them. When I bring my guitars out to play at open mics, that model is the first one everyone wants to play for that reason and the RBT(ele) is the next favorite. Gotta keep the traditionalists (95% of the market) happy someway.
  2. Actually, I didn't... If I felt mine was best (like a previous month), I simply put in a null vote. I was just joking because I actually got one this time...
  3. RockBeach CamelBack CB-III Claro Walnut on Birdseye Maple body. Tesla pickups (Opus-1 neck and middle and VR Extreme Bridge) with push-push series/parallel switch on bridge humbucker. 25.5" scale Birdseye Maple neck. Hipshot hardware.
  4. LOTS to like this month, but I went with Hitone and Supernatural #1 due to its originality as well as execution. That guitar is just cool as hell!
  5. I'll get the ball rolling with an untraditional RockBeach Mantis. Flamed and Bookmatched Black Walnut on Basswood on Cuban Mahogany Mantis body. Maple-Rosewood neck-fingerboard and MOP Trapezoid inlays. 24.75" scale length. GFS Mini-PAF humbuckers with Fat mini in the bridge. Output jack located inside "leg" so right angle cable jack will not pull out if stepped on. Only 10" wide at lower bout making touring with guitar a breeze as it fits so easily into overhead bins. Shape of bottom of guitar facilitates classical seating/playing position. Dual strap buttons allows "stand and lean" abilit
  6. I would have voted for RAD given that I refuse to vote for myself but I have to say that I am not really a fan of the headstock shape. I personally liked mine best this month (and that is never easy for me to say) but I will not pad my votes by voting for myself so I gave it a null.
  7. RockBeach CBB-4 34" scale 4-string bass Oregon Myrtle on Tulip Poplar body Cuban Mahogany control cover Tesla pickup wired for series/single/parallel Olivewood neck with Pistachio fingerboard and 1/16" layer of Wenge between the two
  8. Electric... Probably a Godin like an A6... If price were no object for an acoustic, definitely a Wingert.
  9. I picked the wrong month to enter again... REALLY tough to choose. I ended up with Curtisa but it was a close call for sure...
  10. Another RockBeach CB-III in Walnut and Tulip Poplar with an olivewood neck and pistachio fingerboard. This is sporting Tesla pickups (Opus 1 neck and middle and VR Extreme bridge) with the bridge pickup switchable between series and parallel with a "slap pot switch". It is not a push-pull. Very convenient to use.
  11. I just threw a mask over the Oregon Myrtle to show you how the neck will match up with it. I know it is a bit crooked... 4-string 34" scale. The neck is olivewood and pistachio with a thin layer of wenge between the two.
  12. I finally got to plug it (RBTele) into my Bugera V22 as I brought it home from church. It's like two different guitars! Very warm and creamy on the neck pickup and some nice twang particularly mid-neck on the bridge pickup. Has some really nice lead tones when driven... I need to get somebody to record a few takes with it that have a little more skill than me behind the instrument.
  13. Thanks. It's a GFS vibrato. All rollers in the bridge and vibrato so action is smooth. It's not a dive-bomber, but not a bad alternative to the B5 Bigsby. Remarkably light.
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