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  1. doug's was the only guitar that made me go wow, and then want me to look at it again, more than like 4 times. i love that guitar. the others were good as well, just i think doug capture the style i like.
  2. i love the Tele as well. I just think that it would be a less harder decision if he put white soaps on instead of cream. I think white would have been better with that light blue.
  3. ahaha. i have made the same robotical arm for my 7th grade math project. cool. Isnt mindstorms great. I made a pickup winder already with one. Works ok, the only problem is ratio. thats going to be hard to do when there are different bobbins to wind. Im sure you have a rotation sensor and tensioning should not be a big problem. Man legos are great. I think i may try to build one with the NXT kit that comes out in August.
  4. if you want to be on the safe side, go with a variable one. Radio Shack i think hase one for a good price. weller is the best quality, but thats if you are willing to put down over 100 bucks for one, but yet again, its the best and will last the longest and give the most precise performance. Being a beginner, between 15-30 watt soldering iron would be good. Thats my suggestion, but maybe another person could reply. I think a mod should relocate this in Tools and Shop Talk as its a tool and this is where you go for tutorials. Next time, try to post a topic in the correct thread, it will help you out faster.
  5. ahahahahaha. lol. nice going. not trying to put down, but its a little obvious about how to "scale to size" a picture. And it has been mentioned before. and use CAD so you can put it on a CNC, then make a copy of a guitar really fast and in real life instead of a picture. Not trying to put down or anything. At least you mentioned the math behind how to do it if people were lost.
  6. great sound. havent been on the forums in like a month and i just caught up. over 100 years trying to get sustain. lol. lets hope it doesnt take us another 100 years to get the perfect sustain. lol. good job and good luck psw
  7. im sorry if the question was asked before, why can't you use the neck pickup with the driver on it. Would the signal be lost or something overlapping the driver? Also, is it possible to put a driver on a humbucker then use the other coil as the "bridge pickup" to run the driver?
  8. sorry i realized the answer after i posted. im really depressed lately with personal issues, so i may act a little stupid the next week.
  9. i was going to ask the same thing. Im waiting on a part 4 and 5 if there is a five. Those were great.
  10. if someone has it PM me or send me an email with the attachment: monkey96692000@yahoo.com
  11. requesting eric clapton strat. or just a regular strat with the correct measurements.
  12. so, what if you created an amp to give 1000ohms to work with a regular pickup. You said it would burn it up. Isthat becuase the power would melt the coating? What about testing for how many ohms my driver would have? also, what would happen if you reversed the driver, as in a coil inside a magnet?
  13. There. Lol. I want to know. Maybe i missed it on the earlier pages, but even if i did its still good for people like BDRockStar to know since i dont think he plan on reading the entire thing through any time soon. No offence BDRockStar. but i waited almost a year to read the entire thing through and i aint even done yet.
  14. switched over to different thread. Nice tutorial. I think ill try it after i get back from camp late august.
  15. Successful for the sustainer right now i think is an opinion. If you take your guitar and hold a note, turn the amp up loud and hold the guitar near the speaker, you get a successful sustained note. But if successful is to hold the same octive and volume, than you will have to wait for the home made sustainer for a little while. Fernado... i think thats the name; has a sustainer kit along with some of their guitars have it which does hold same volume and octive. Also there is sustanic that does the same thing. There are company made "successful" sustainers, but home made is what PSW is trying to do. Well, Oh man, i just got back from oregon and i have like 20 more pages to read since i left. Oh great. Still with ya PSW. the light on the swith is awsome.
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