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  1. not bad at all! will be cool to see how it buffs out.
  2. Not bad. Would be nice to see if multiple layers 'burn in' together nicely.
  3. Several swirls in oil, but no oil-based clear - aside from those that are actually oils (not meant to sound like smart "a"). On that topic though, there are numerous posts throughout the forum.
  4. Or at least some diluted oxalic acid - almost seems like something in the wood reacted with the metal - or something was on the blade itself that reacted.
  5. DOH! and now you know the point in time at which I started highly considering filling in everything with epoxy.... I had outlined the bridge and everything, and just went on a carving frenzy, paying more attention to the lines I had drawn for the knots than anything else..
  6. Thanks guys! My dremel is hating life Next Monday is a holiday at work, so I might get some time to do more with it. I have some purpleheart that I've already cut for fretboards, but might just go all maple for a neck?
  7. So.... obviously.... it's been a while - we all know the reasons, work, family, life... anyway here the first new shots of that chunk of cherry. I'm calling it the Celticaster. I'm sure opinions will vary wildly here, but it's an experiment. It's wet w/ Mineral Spirits in the pics. I guess if nothing else - it's a unique twist on doing a 'carve top' Body Shot: A bit of clean up to sharpening some of the curves and then it's time to decide if I should fill the low spots with a lightly colored epoxy.... or just leave it all clear.
  8. Interesting.... I guess I've kept doing it out of habit (and should probably check for updates occasionally). Never had a problem with KTM-9 though.
  9. Also - not sure which water-based you used, but KTM-9 in particular is picky about wiping down the area to be sprayed with denatured alcohol to ensure proper "melting" of the layers.
  10. This whole thing is rather ridiculous - I read that NAMM has gotten involved now. There's not enough problems in this country - let's pick on guitar makers for some total misinterpretation of law designed to protect birds.
  11. Corvus?? Hmmm... well, it would seem a non-standard tele is a consensus. I'll start this build when I get back from Hurricane Irene duty.....
  12. This is a rather striking piece of 5/4 cherry that I'd like to make into a guitar... but am stuck on what shape. Another Strat? Tele? RG? Thoughts or opinions appreciated.
  13. I like it - but then I'm working on a similar project at the moment.... not nearly as beautiful, but.... a rather butterscotch flavored tele.
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