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  1. Gordon Smith Guitars (uk) ahve come up a way to do a true one piece neck for a f***er type guitar (no "skunk strip"). Unfortuately he won't reveal how he does it.
  2. Hi and thanks Pete, My mind started wondering. I had an idea years to "take an pickup which had it's own circuit into a buzzer which would vibrate at the same pitch as note being played and mounted onto the guitar body to try and resonant at the same frequency" I never worked it any further as I thought it wouldn't work on multiple notes unless I had multiple pickups with their own buzzers.......and I quickly knocked that idea on it's head. One day a good idea may come out of my crazy thoughts
  3. Wow Pete...many thanks for a clear and detailed explaination. This would be "crazy" on a bass!!!!!...which brings me to another question. I've no intention of doing it but I would thought I would throw it into the "melting pot" If you used a pickup cover like the old jazz basses, would that make the sustainer more effective by ensuring the field is more contained.....apologies if this doesn't make much sense
  4. Hi, Firstly can I say WOW at the previous 77 pages! I'm interested in taking part in the sustainer project but I have a very simple question. Why does the sustainer "pickup" have to be a the neck position? I'm planning on a using the sustainer in the middle position on a H-S-S configuration. I love the sound of my neck pickup and I only use either the neck or bridge pickups so I probably wouldn't bother if I couldn't use the sustainer in the middle position. Many thanks inadvance and many thanks for the previous pages....I feel that I'm much more informed due to all your comments
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