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  1. Shame dude. I cut my LP neck with a handsaw and got better results.
  2. John, ive followed some of your interesting and unique builds here for a little while now. Some I like and some arent my cup of tea, but I must say, this one is if one of your best builds. Its a classy axe. Thank You. Manny
  3. Ive apologised for coming across that way. Unfortunately, Thats going to have to be enough. Its not my fault that i know better than most!!!! Im kidding.....
  4. Everyone's on the defensive. So I apologise for getting you in that defensive frame of mind. Im not blaming anyone for getting ripped off. As I said its a terrible thing to happen and having happened to me I can understand the feeling. But to say "all or nothing" is ridiculous. Just because he could have taken his guitar with him, didnt mean nor did I imply he should have carried everything out of the trunk. As I said, sorry for sounding like a smart ass, and I never implied nothing should be left in the car or in the house or in a bank. and I never implied dont leave anything in the car.
  5. Mate, My point is locked cars get broken into. And the one thing that really really meant something to you was the guitar. Who gives a razoo about the tyre and jack!! I know it sucks Ive had cars stolen and my house broken into twice. Sorry for pissing you off....
  6. Southpa, dont mean to come across as a smart ass, but can you tell me why youd leave a guitar in your trunk, especially when youve had one stolen before? Regards Manny
  7. Indeed. Didn't I here that Queensland had one last week as well? That corner of the planet has been well and truly hammered these last few months. Hang on tight lads. SR The Capital Brisbane had major flooding due to heavy rains over Christmas. Just as they were counting the damage and loss of life from the floods, this hits. Another Tropical Cyclone formed last week but fell away inland bringing some rain but thats it. Yasi hit land just after midnight AEST and had moved south of Cairns hitting the town of Innisfail - which was directly in its path. This town has barely been rebuilt from the last cyclone Larry a couple of years back, which was half the size of this one. Reports coming through first thing this morning now 8;00am Sydney time, Cairns missed the worst of it but waiting to hear about the devestation of Innisfail and surrounding areas. Cyclone has moved inland now and has been downgraded to Category 3 - still dangerous, but not as intense. Coast battered by 7-9 meter waves caused by the storm surge. Cheers Manny
  8. Hi everyone, As you may have seen reported on the news around the world, Australia is facing the largest Cyclone since 1918. Winds are tipped to peak at 320km/h and the size of this thing rival Catrina. A Surge of Seas will be 7 meters above the high tide mark. Our prayers are with the people of Nth Queensland.
  9. Cheers Wes. That little piece of advice made all the difference regarding the finish. On the neck the tenon actually comes down to just inside the pick guard edge closest to the pickup. The fret board may make it seem a little shallow but theres a good 3 inches of tenon there past the end of the fretboard. Having said that its a little neck heavy - but not as heavy as the body. This one's going to be played sitting down! Im afraid of weighing it as I will hit double figures (in pounds). Probably looking at a 10-12 pounder there. Cheers Manny
  10. All I can say is I love Micro mesh. The pads arrrived in teh mail and I levelled the surface with 400, 600 wet, 800 wet a nd 1200 wet. Then the wet sanding with teh micromesh began. all teh way upto 12,000. I round of cutting compound and some polishing with disk pad and soft cloth and now I can say its finished as well as I could get it done. Im happy with the way things panned out especially after back tracking on teh original paint job. I also love what these little pads did for my frets. Thanks to everyone's advice and heres to the next one!! Cheers Manny
  11. That's why I quit routing bodies with templates. I now just use a belt sander and only use my router for the neck pocket and pickup/control cavities. Absolutely spot on. Ive only made 2 but learnt after the first, the belt sander gives me infinite control over a router. Cheers Manny
  12. Ive rubbed the flat areas back up to 1200 and am now awaiting for my micro mesh pads to arrive. Ive got some 1500 to 20,000 and everything in between on the way. One lesson for young (at heart and in guitar making - not in years) players is the amount of stuff happening when you level and dull the surface. You discover a whole world of ripples, runs, and pits when the surface is duller. I found a couple of minor ripples/runs that I wouldnt have picked up after 5 or 6 coats of clear poly was applied. In fact i didnt pick it up until I leveled and dulled the surface with 400(dry), 600(dry), 800(wet), and 1200(wet). Thanks for prompting me to do this Wes. I reckon it's going to make the guitar infinitely better.
  13. Thanks Wes. Ive got Wet and dry upto 1200 (400,600,800,1200)so Ill level and then when the pads arrive do as you recommend. Cheers and thanks again Manny
  14. I hear you Wes. And I agree. I Dont have micro mesh available at the moment and have ordered some pads as I thing 1200 wet and dry may not be fine enough for a better finish. Will hit the surface with some mesh and buff after another week or so of hardening. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers Manny
  15. Well guys and gals...my second build based on a LP Jr, is finished. Bad weather today limited the photos to indoor, but I did manage to play her and the P-90 is one of the best sounds youll hear! The guitar is heavy but the sustain is awesome. Ill try and grab some sound bites. Thanks for following the thread. Cheers Manny
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