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  1. I think I prefer without. you dont have gold anywhere else on that guitar and the blac/silver of the pickups without there covers matches the bridge quite nicely.
  2. both are looking stunning! I really like the acoustic. With regards to the oil finish. What are the differences between danish oil and tru oil and tung oil? In terms of application, wood sealing capability and finish? For my guitar i need to seal the wood and would like to try and keep that amazing satin feel.
  3. I like the maple with black inlays! What material did you use for the inlays?
  4. How thin can one reasonably go for the body of the guitar? I am busy planning my first build and i have some beautiful african olive which is about 35mm thick and I was wondering if it would be feasable to make the body solely out of that? Aim was to make a bolt on neck and use a hipshot hardtail bridge.
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