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  1. After starting an interest in the hobby during my edgier, child years and a few failed attempts, I finally finished a build I started in high school Body: 1/4 spalted maple I got free from a user on here and locally-sourced Alder. Neck: Squier w/ logos removed. Hardtail top-loading bridge from GuitarFetish Electronics: PAF clones from a GFS pre-wired pickguard I was smart and swapped for black metal rings; Gibson style selector switch; 16mm Alpha 500K pots w/ black Tele-style knobs from Vintage Forge; Switchcraft jack w/ knurled nut from a lamp switch. Finish: Minwax "Island Water" water-based wipe-on stain and equivalent water-based clear coat. .
  2. my LHS has it for $2.49 so I buy it there. along with kits and paint and AM goodies
  3. Testors clear lacquer automotive model car paint ( basically lacquer for model cars nothing changed) it works. so go annoy the hobby shop owners (BTW hobby lobbys do not stock this.)
  4. whoah.... am I looking into a mirror??????? on a serious note just do what I did. Find a guitar body you like whether its your friends or one at the local/closest music store. Trace the body onto cardstock with a pencil. Transfer it to a piece of either particleboard or plywood and cut it out using a jigsaw,coping saw, bandsaw, etc. And those people weren't added to the donated group after a week because face it. PGs webmaster is only human he has to probably work to feed himself and/or his wife and/or children and he probably also doesn't have alot of time to be online cuz hes probably too busy.
  5. the stewmac book Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step is really a great book to buy and it will aid you in the future too
  6. verhoevenc, thank you for sharing this with us.
  7. milk dud are chocolate covered caramel candies made by Hersheys. They taste very good as well.
  8. mattia, would it work if i attached coductive metail to the wooden strat hardtail bridge? Marzocchi705 I'm actually working on the screw holes for the pickguard right now.
  9. the body I'm using it on isn't an SG it's my version of the IJS20 body and the bridge humbucker is lower than the pickguard.
  10. I got it to the correct size but I will have to make the SG pickguard kinda longer so that I can get the SG pickguard to cover the bridge humbucker's "ears"
  11. OK Anyone know about the SG pickguard????
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