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prs neck dimensions

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im looking at building a prs clone. i have the body dimensions in great detail but what size wood to order for the neck is stumping me.

25" scale

glue in tenon joint

prs style headstock

i *will* be using a scarf joint setup, not a carving from block method.

whats confusing me is what size wood i need.

this guy has a lp style neck carved from a block, which has a way longer tenon than the prs neck.

and he only used a neck blank that was 25"x3.5"x2"


im confused. ill be getting expensive wood so i cant mess up.


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with a blank that thick, it's pretty easy to imagine... he just took the entire headstock part of the scraf from the back of the neck blank, leaving the thicker tennon part, and then cutting the end of the blank at the right angle to receive the headstock that he just cut off the back of the neck blank

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this is my PRS clone woking..

i choose bolton neck.. and 24 fret & scaf joint..

scafneck joint is save wood & strong .. and easy .

bye.. enjoy your making..

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