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I got this switch...........????????


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You have a Fender Lead 2 ? That was my first guitar. I don't know enough about switches to know what "2p 5T " means, but if your Lead 2 is stock, you have a 3 way toggle for selecting the pickups, then you have a phase switch on one pickup. One volume and one tone. That's what I remember. The stock pickups are pretty hot, around 8k. The body on mine was factory routed to take a humbucker. The body is heavy ash. I still have some parts from mine, and the case.

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Hi Soap,

a 2P 5T stands for 2 poles ( hot ) 5 throw (positions) it is a rotary switch and it has 2 sections with a total of 12 terminals. 1 center ( hot ) and 5 on each section. I hope this clears up the switch question. my Lead II the original switches died and it only had 1 pickup and a 3 saddles and it had a warmoth neck that had a broken neck screw. and it was missing a few ferrules. well I fixxed the neck, and I got some all parts saddles and I had a friend make me a stainless steel bridge plate. then I put on some grover keys and I added a duncan hot rails in the bridge and got new ferrules. and its not too bad now. I 've got a total of $225 into it.. basicly I'm just looking for some new switching options BTW what parts do you you have left over from your Lead II ???

May Jesus bless you




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