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i need help

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hi everyone, im new to building guitars but ive collected a serious amount of info

on the subject, enough to say that im theoretically professional,

but what i plan on doing is axtending a fretboard to make it have 36 frets i plan on using a les paul kit tho

any ideas on how i can make the extended cutaway so i can actually reach these frets, il probably have to make a whole new fretboard tho

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a guy made a 31 fret guitar i belive not to long ago. it was an ibanez style i think so it would right off have more finger clearence. look in the 'under progress and finished work' section.

you might have to get a piece of ebony or other fretboard wood and plane and shape it yourself. or maybe a bass fingerboard will be long enough. dont forget about that.


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As far as i know, most kits seem to be basswood bodies wtih maple necks and rosewood fingerboards... nothing amazing I know, but with good wiring and a nice set of pickups it would still sound pretty good.

No need to go too overboard, the wood isnt -that- bad. I do remember reading though that the first batch of saga LP kits had particle board bodies... from memory that has been changed to basswood now though?

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i dont know. never heard of them, sounds like alot of stuff for 150$ so just think how much they are paying/making it for. prolly 50$. is a 50$ guitar good?

probably not.

basswood top. ive never heard of using basswood on a top. its really light and thin, might be good resonance quality but the are probably using it cause its so cheap.

id spend my money elsewhere, but thats mho

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Anyone know where I can get a fret calculator that can input more than 24 frets into. The one on buildyourguitar.com only does up to 24 frets. I need to know for my top secret project that Im making after my sg is finished?

I have found one but it only goes into hundredths(1/100) and I need thousands(1/1000) of a millimeter

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Not that I have any experience in these matters as I haven't freted my axe yet but......

........ Cutting to 1/1000mm would be very hard if not impossible.

I could teach you how to measure to 1/4 of the wavelength of light if you want it even more accurate :D

But like I said, I have no experience so perhaps it is quite possible, good luck either way

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