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voltage question for uk and overseas people


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i posted this in another topic but i thought not many people might not see it. so i thought better be safe.

i need help from people overseas about your power. what i need to know is this. (i know you use different plugs. but is it orientated the same way is what i wish to know.)

my shop has a 240 plug in it (well aproximately anyway 240 as it isn't quite regulated well here depens on wiring and stuff) and i was wondering. this.. i can take a 240 plug and knock off one of the extra lugs on it so it doesn't give me the full 240 it actually gives me just the 120 since you have the two hots parralled and the two neutrals grounded (well thats how it is in the states anyway.) so what i want to know is. if i am building an amp for someone overseas. would this be a terrible problem as it all seems to work great here on the amps i have tried it on. and i really dont' have a 240 transformer yet. i mean asl ong as i get the correct pin orientation from someone in australia wouldn't this work??? any takers

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actually nevermind someone answered it at the other forum i was wrong.. :D

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