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Check my rig

ian b

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Check out my rig and let me know what you think, also tell me about your rig. I'm open to criticism and suggestions.


Custom Koa Hollowbody(built by Tim O'Donnel and Paul Languedoc)

Kramer Nightrider(heavily modded from the original configuration)

effects rig:

guitar > Digitech Whammy 4 > modded Cry Baby > TS808(light OD) > TS808(heavy OD) > MXR Dynacomp > Lexicon MPX100 > Akai Headrush E2 > Ernie Ball Volume > Amp


65' Fender Deluxe Reverb(slightly modded)

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I've never owned a whammy pedal - is that Digitech worth looking at? What do you use it for? I think Joe Satriani has been using some sort of whammy or pitch device lately (uses it a bit too much for my taste actually) so it's sparked my interest to see what these things can do.

I have added a few toys to my setup lately - here's the list, I'll post pics later:

  • BBE 362 (I think that's the part number)
  • T.C. Electronics G-Major (sweet!!)
  • Sustainiac Model C
  • Boss EQ pedals (2 of them)
  • Cry Baby
  • ART X-15 Ultrafoot
  • Rockman Distortion Generator/Sustainer (don't use it often)
  • Marshall Valvestate stereo amp

The Guitars:

I use my self-built M1-Tiger ' ish guitar most of the time.


It has an EMG81, volume and EMG-VMC control (instead of tone pot), Schaller trem.

Once in a while, I fire up my skull guitar (also self-built):


It has a SD Screamon Demon in the bridge, Alnico II in the neck position, onboard Seymour Duncan pickup booster and tone pot. The side dots and eyes of the skull are blue LED's.

I've also been using my Black Limba guitar more often lately:


It's all Black Limba with an ebony fretboard, a Screamon Demon in the bridge, lil 59 in the middle, lil screamon demon in the neck. It also has an onboard seymour duncan pickup booster with gain knob and bypass switch, vol and tone pots.

Sorry for the lengthy reply - I love talking gear!!


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The '65 Deluxe Reverb is amazing. Put a Celestion Vintage 30 in it and you cant get a bad sound out of the amp at all.

The Whammy i dont use a lot. I mainly just make crazy-spacey sounding loops with it. Occationally i'll use it to create a crazy sounding guitar solo or such but it's probably the least used pedal in my rig.

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Whats the TC Electronics G-Major like?

Here's a pic of the front of the unit: T.C. G-Major

First, I need to say that I have not ventured beyond the $500 mark yet for any effects unit(s). The price on this thing (around $400) is well worth it for anyone who's looking for very high quality effects without sacrificing your back account. The sound from this thing is really amazing.

Don't be fooled by the factory presets - they weren't very inspiring to me but I knew it had potential from listening to them in the guitar shop. It took me about 15 minutes to program in a great sound for what I like to play :D .

I really like the pitch shifting block. You can set it up to add 2 voices to the original signal. I don't get wild with it - I just use enough to thicken up the guitar. Here's a quote from the T.C. web page:

With the G•Major Pitch Shifter you are able to add 2 voices, each with a fixed pitch within +/- one octave from the Input note. The processing of the G•Major is at a speed where you will never notice any “searching” for the notes as with many older octaver units or octaver stomp boxes. Try lowering the single Voice to -1200 cents (100 is one semitone). With a Mix level of 100 you will be able to get at pretty good bass-simulation.

It's not meant to be used as a preamp though - notice there's no distortion or overdrive effects. This doesn't bother me since I've never liked digital distortion at all (not to be confused with analog or solid-state distortion which I like just fine B) ).

To sum it up, if you're interested in upgrading your effects and don't want to go the $200+ per botique pedal route, check this thing out - it's worth it.

Here's a listing of the effects blocks available on the unit.

Here's an interesting little article about Toshinori Hiketa who's touring with David Lee Roth. He uses it for helping to get the old EVH sound and for some Vai songs as well.

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