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EMG pickups installation


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Hello! As I said, I'm new to the active pickups, and I'm thinking of installing EMG humbuckers in my homemade LP style guitar. My questions are;

1.)How many 9V batteries are needed for two pickups in guitar? 1 or 2, since you get a battery socket with each pickup. :D

2.)On active LP style guitar, where's the battery location? Is it in the control cavity, or is there a better place to put them, and how?

Many thanks!


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1)one battery,no matter how many pickups...but you CAN use 2 batteries and emg tells you on their site how to wire 2 of them up

2)i wrap all mine in the foam that it comes inside the package with,and wrap that in electric tape,then put that in the control cavity...you don't want the metal casing of the battery to be touching everything...and the wrapping also keeps it snug so it doesn't bounce around...

since one battery lasts through 1000 hours of playing,you don't have to change them much

you can also buy a battery box from stewmac,but then you have to rout into your precious lp

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