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  1. Finished the water line trench but won't have the pipe until Friday. RV is also blocked up and level. Tomorrow I need to finish the goose trailer and I'm putting my car and mobile home up for sale. Honestly, I can't handle this economy much longer. That $1400 stimulus isn't enough either. Funny how land taxes keep going up even when unemployment is at record highs.
  2. We scared a bunch of big ass rabbits the night we brought it. Lots of hog tracks, etc.
  3. First rule of Cult of the Goose. You don't talk about Cult of the Goose... or the attached casino.
  4. So last night we moved my RV to my buddy's place so I can move out there and we can start the commune we always wanted since we were kids. Of course it's technically a farm for tax reasons, but a thing can be two things. Today I moved it back into it's permanent spot with a little backhoe. Tight spot it was too. I stupidly didn't take a pictureof it in it's spot, but plenty of time for that. Started the water line trench, cleared some fence, and then came home and dug up my old rv meter pole to take out there. That was hell. I did a super duper good job placing it.
  5. I don't know anyone that thinks Gates is responsible for the cold weather. I think your news might be skewed. That's like saying Texans believe the world is flat because one Texan carried a sign that said it was. I do know a guy who thinks Bill Gates is evil and is behind some plot involving Covid vaccines, but most people just smile politely and steer the conversation away.
  6. Looks like I'm going to shut this house down and become a part of my buddy's new place. I mean, that was always the plan, but a terrible 2020 followed by a terrible 2021 so far with no end in sight is forcing me to make drastic changes. I hope Biden's changes bring the recycling industry back. That by itself would make my life much easier and Trump's war with China that destroyed it in the first place is the main reason I personally hate the guy. Right now, things just don't look all that rosy. Biden's fumbling around about the stimulus is getting on my nerves too. Democrat
  7. Few more cracked pipes, but all fixed now. Could have been worse.
  8. Fixed the busted pipe, but it didn't thaw enough to get it flowing today in that house. Thankfully, the mobile home pipes(pex) thawed and I did get a hot shower. Still no toilet though. Pex doesn't seem to have the same freezing issues as other plumbing. It freezes, but doesn't seem to bust when it does... or not as much anyway? I'm going to prepare better though when I'm able to. Thoroughly insulate all pipes, etc.
  9. Cell service is finally back(sort of). Power stayed on here, but I've been dealing with only one working faucet for water for a week... cold water at that. Fixed a busted pipe this morning. Hopefully I'll get a hot shower this afternoon.
  10. I generally run a 10" sub in a small box that's made for singke cab pickups. I adjust it so that the drums and bass come through snappy and clear. No honking in my shit.
  11. 10 degrees here and powdery snow on the ground. The geese have finally reached a temperature they don't like. The dumb ass ducks played in the mud all yesterday and became caked with frozen mud. I had to store them in a heated box I used when they were babies and there they will be until it warms up some. Geese aren't so dumb, they just don't see anything they want in the snow. They tried eating it, but weren't impressed. It is 32 in my conex. It never gets really cold here, so I didn't think to insulate under the floor. My shoes were frozen to the floor from walking out and
  12. The younger generations also have a loud minority of extreme racists. The "n-word" has been extremely prevalent on video game forums the last couple of years. You have to remember that kids tend to rebel against their parents, and if their parents are actual good people the kids try to go the other way.
  13. How people in the U.S. thought overthrowing an election was patriotic? Now that's a tough one. To me it seems they'd rather cry "cheat" than admit most people don't agree with their beliefs. Then these goofy people went back to their houses, took a hot bath, drank their good alcohol, cooked a nice steak, and cried about how bad they have it. The same house and comforts they bought under Bill Clinton's booming economy.
  14. I honestly don't think it had much to do with intelligence. Most people in the U.S. are happy and comfortable. It's hard to raise an overthrow of a system when people are fed and talking to each other on thd latest gadgets. Hitler came into play because Germany was hurting. Most toxic dictatorships start that way. Most don't improve anything either. Hitler improved QoL for his chosen race by taking everything from everyone else. The others I'm not so familiar with.
  15. The funny thing is Gingrich was despised across the board. Trump has a large part of the Country on his side.
  16. My buddy has a standup Gyruss arcade. Still insanely fun.
  17. Luckily, literally nobody in this topic sounds in the least like that. Everyone here pays attention and can respond with thought and something of an original take.
  18. Snowflake is from a common saying that goes something like "Every snowflake is unique" It means a person of the generation that was told they were all special and unique, even if they aren't. It's ironic too, since all those people sound exactly alike. "That's fire" and "ok, boomer" and "simp" everywhere. There's a group of people who sound like a cheap a.i. programmed to respond to certain stimulus in certain ways.
  19. Obviously I didn't say it was impossible to have impartial News. I said it was not going to happen in a purely Capitalist society. I'll try again. Tv time is paid for by advertising. Corporations pay more for advertising during shows with high ratings because of greater viewership. "News" that is opinionated and full of fluff gets higher ratings. If you fall in ratings you get cancelled. Capiche? They get away with it by calling it entertainment instead of News. The only way to shore up an impartial News program is through government funding or philanthropy from people who
  20. Of course, I do have the benefit of hearing Alex Jones with my own ears claim prominent Democrats like Obama and the Clintons "smelled like sulpher" and were "constantly surrounded by flies" because they were so evil. I hear things like this and laugh at the stupidity... until I hear it parroted by friends. It's not funny when you realize people believe it.
  21. That's exactly my point. An intelligent person can't trust what they're seeing on the News anymore. That's how the Right can say" fake news" and continue to believe the lies told by Trump, Cruz, etc. No matter what though, the Right is backed by conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, and those pervasive falsehoods are much, much more extreme than the Left focusing on the border cages(which are actually factually in existence and actually are human rights violations. ) It makes no difference that it was started during the Obama administration... what matters is that it's reach
  22. No, all news is opinions now. That's quite literally the reason Trump was able to distort facts so much and couldn't be stopped because nobody really has any trustworthy sources of news. Pros, that's EXACTLY how it started over here. News was informative and then started to run "puff pieces" about skiing squirrels and shit. Those pieces got ratings and entire shows were formed which were "entertainment " and "current events ". Those shows got high ratings and so everyone was forced to keep up. This is the danger of allowing News to be dependent on Capitalism. There is no go
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