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  1. Actually, I got my numbers from the actual cdc statistics and did the math based on the census numbers of U.S. population, but go ahead and "play the game" if you wish. The .00323 %(to be accurate) is confirmed fatality rates against the population of the U.S. I don't care for all the "we don't know the true numbers" talk. While true, it calls for decisions based on fear. Make all the stupidly stereotypical bullshit redneck assumptions you wish, but all that is nothing but the fear and gaslighting you're claiming to be against. Trump is a moron. Bottom line is tbat
  2. Hey. Been gone a while. Funny you mention the "tired of this crap", Mike. I cut down 90% of my social networking just because I'm tired of all the fighting about masks and whatnot. I've been working pretty solid. Seemed like everything was same as always but now it seems we are going back to shutting things down. Honestly, I'm fine if they want to make face coverings mandatory for a while... however my understanding was the entire shutdown a few months ago was supposed to be so the government and hospital could have time to prepare for an inundation of cases. The virus isn't going a
  3. Bizman, you're talking to Country boys from way back. I know it's real easy to assume only you know what's what about butchering poultry, but considering I grew up with chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, horses, cows, etc and I butchered and cleaned many a chicken, hunted rabbits and squirrels, cleaned them, cooked them over campfires, ate them, fished every pond in town and cleaned and ate the fish... well, I guess I'm trying to say if you keep talking as if you're talking to a bunch of city boys then you're going to get me irritated, and I don't want that. Geese are the only bird I have never a
  4. The ducks are for eggs. Might kill a couple if they turn out male or if they turn into egg eaters, but if that happens I'll kill them out of sight of the others. Geese are for eating. I really don't care what they think.
  5. Yeah, I know. In this particular case though I get their reticence. Full grown ducks can barely defend themselves. Ducklings are just completely helpless. They don't even have the ability to peck. They're slowly gaining confidence though.
  6. I did all this today. Ducklings got too big for the tub they were in so I increased their area by about 400%. They don't know what to do with all of it. They're sitting in one end like lumps. Sad part is I'm all worried about them. I made it seriously predator proof by putting wire panels in the bottom, then covering that with solid paving bricks, then covered that with clear roof panels. I patched every hole big enough for even a snake I think, but I'm still worried. Shot a possum this morning with my .357. I'm running a zero tolerance policy on possums and skunks .
  7. Got my stimulus check today. Bought fence panels and t posts.
  8. The radio and lights should keep the predators wary, at least long enough to let the geese grow big. Possums don't like lights, in my experience. I should probably put an electric fence around it as well. The goats have been gone a while. I really wouldn't mind goats, but I think geese are easier to keep in a fence. Maybe. I wish there was something really nasty I could put in there. Dogs are effective, but loud.
  9. There will be full time lights and a radio in the duck house anyway.
  10. I don't have a goat. My neighbor had the goats. I know all about possums. They'll probably get goosed anyway.
  11. Just finished my first 8 days in my log book and I'm at 52,218#. So obviously that's pretty light, but it's a start.
  12. Some of these ducks and geese may have a short life, but it will be a 24/7 party for them.
  13. I got some rather awesome video of the ducklings racing around all happy as shit listening to Staying Alive, but it won't load here unfortunately. Now they are all tuckered out from eating and drinking and being merry. I'm working under the theory that if I play the radio at low volume their entire life they will become so used to it that moving outside of earshot of it might make them feel like something is wrong, there by possibly keeping them from wandering off. We'll find out eventually I suppose.
  14. Got my ducks. I only wanted 6, but they offered them up at $1/per to get them out because they're closed tomorrow. They're usually $6/per so I had to double my order. I ordered African geese but they won't hatch until the 20th. 2 females and 1 male. Well Biz, I only build a duck pen once ever probably. However, since working out is supposed to be more than nust what you do as part of life I don't count any of that as a workout unless it really wears me out. If I went to work and had to install beams overhead or something and it was tough enough to make me feel sick I'd skip a wor
  15. I built a duck pen, but I don't tally that up as lifting weights or working out.
  16. Basically yes, but not like moving a heap of sand because there's no distance involved. Pick up 30 pounds twice, you just moved 60 pounds total(for the purpose of the log book)
  17. Also, between every set I write down what I just did because towards the end of the month you'll forget what you just did if you don't write it down immediately. You could just as easily plan it out beforehand and check it off as you go because whatever works is fine.
  18. There really isn't that much to it. I work out 7 days a week because that's the only way I can stick to anything, but I divide up the different sections I work out into rotations that vary daily. For example, Yesterday(Friday) was arms and legs and so I did bicep dumbell curls and tricep dumbell curls(lying on the floor on my back with the lifting arm held stationary by the other arm) followed by leg press on the vertical press I have. I'm just barely starting out again after years off and I always start super slow so I did a pathetic 30 pounds on bicep curls then went down to 25 f
  19. Going to get ducks tomorrow. Might get some geese because they eat grass and I have grass.
  20. Pfft. I put on my pants while sitting on the edge of my bed. It must be hardcore because I grunt and curse unrelentingly the whole time.
  21. Of course it's more about repetition than massive weight. The last time I did it I was taking all sorts of things(legal and illegal) and I ended up hurting myself... so I won't be going nearly so hard at it this time and I'll be staying all natural. I'll try to throw in a bunch of treadmill to replace the neverending weights. We'll see how it goes. After all, it's nearly 2 decades, a bad back, and one surgery later. Yesterday I moved a mere 1850 on bench and 2500 on leg press. I'm going slow so I don't die
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