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"Brand Name"

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So i was looking around ebay and came up on a seller guitarfetish who sells guitar parts for pretty good prices, but they arent brand names..so to you when you make a custom how important to you is having that 'grover' or 'gotoh' on your tuning head and having a shiny tonepro's bridge?or could you care less and save some money?

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Yeah I'd get a president's choice bridge if it worked...

Buying cheap parts isn't bad...there's downsides of course

they might break or just work poorly or inconsistantly...they might damage other things....and end up being a waste of money or more costly repair bill

If you can avoid that then they will probably sound different from their more expensive kin....but you might like that....

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Hi All,

Sorry for the History lesson...

In Australia (where I live), we had a gold rush in the 1800s. alot of perople came from all over the world.

Anyway, the people who came here made things, and sold them, etc, etc.

Anyway, a law was passed that said anything made by a 'Chinaman' had to be labbled so. These things made by the Chinese, for instance, were considerably cheaper to buy (because only white people can make good stuff) (apparently).

It was considered that the quality was less, becuase a 'Chinaman' could not have the skill level and craftmanship that a Caucasian had.

Anyway, obviosly this law has long since been repealed, but it does explain one 'psychological' aspect of why 'Asian made' (excluding Japan, because of thier technological advancements) is considered (in many eyes)as being of inferior quality.

(I believe most countries had similar laws around this time)

Also, the price of labour is much cheaper in these Asian countries. Award rates are minimal at best, and with no unions, it pretty much stays at a low level.

Therfore, low cost, passed on to consumer = large profit-high output, as opposed to large profit-low output. Cheap labour makes this possible; you can make 100 floyd rose copies in Korea for the cost of 5 in the US, for example.

I personally have found that the quality is more varied in 'generic' parts (because of the high output) but if you inspect what you are buying (and choose carefully) bargins are to be had.

That said, it would be impractical for, say, PRS to inspect EVERY cheap tune o matic that it would need (due to sheer volume), so they would purchase large quanties of product where the quality is VERY consitant. Therefore, the non generic parts are purchased.

But if, like me, you are just making a guitar or two for yourself or a friend (not looking to get into huge manufacture) then i would suggest buying cheaper parts, but make sure that you thoughorly inspect them before purchase.

Take care all,


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