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Fretting Simplified

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Hey Brian that's really cool. But I was wondering, since Ibanez' radius for RG's and JEMs is 16.97" (430MM), would using a 16" caul without changing the fingerboard radius work O.K.? Or would they not go in all the way in the middle? Or could I hammer them down in the middle a bit? I know in your tutorial you rounded the board to a straight 16" but then of course the bridge and nut are still 16.97". I'm going to refret and RG and am kind of stuck on what to do. I suppose I could just forget the caul and hammer them in.

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In all honesty, when I fret, I use the next size smaller caul to press frets, for Ibanez 430mm I use a 16" radius caul, it holds the ends down nice and tight. then once they are all pressed, I hammer the fret all the way across the board, by leaving the middle a bit high, and then hammering the centers, it drives the fret outwards and locks the tangs into the fret slot :D

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Here ya go :D


It is just a 7-1/2" piece of 2x4 with a slot cut for a double edge file and an angle cut. Well to make mine glide better I used contact cement and cut up a $2.79 piece of Tandy brand suede I got out of the hobbie section at Wal-mart.

The course side of the file is pointed to the 90 degree bevel and the fine cut side is pointed towards the bevel cut side.


Just make your slot for the file at point A first doing a couple of passes over a table saw then make your angle cut.

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