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PlanetWaves Locking/Cutting Tuners

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You're right, I wouldn't be able to drop-D it or tune down a half step.

Unless I went ahead and wrapped the string around the post a few times... Which might be redundant... Uh...


Now I'm confused...

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Guest AlexVDL

They're perfect. I've got a set on one of my guitars.

But you're all wrong about not being able to detune...

Do you think you can pull the string so hard so it's tuned, and then lock the string? I don't think so hehehe :D

When you put your string into the hole and lock it, there is no tension on the string yet, so you will always have to wind up your string to reach the right tuning. By the way, detuning from E to D is almost one full rotation with the tuner button, and with a ratio of 18:1 that's 1/18th of a rotation of the tuner, so don't worry there isn't enough string left for drop tunings B)

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