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Question about neck angle

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I have just bought a Fernandes Montery X guitar. It has an angled neck, so the bridge and strings are therefore quite high from the body and the bridge pickup has to be raised a lot. Is this normal? The body doesn't have an arched-top, so I guess the string/bridge height is even higher than it would be with an archtop.

And what is normally the reason for angling a neck anyway?

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I have both strat (no neck angle) and les paul (12 degree neck angle), and I personally find the LP more comfortable to play (gets the body out of the way of the strings). On the LP the neck angle is necessary because of the arched top.

On an archtop acoustic, having some neck angle does increase the string break angle over the bridge, which in theory helps to drive the bridge/top in the direction perpendicular to the top. On a flat-top acoustic with no neck angle, the bridge/top is driven mainly by string vibrations parallel to the top.

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Well, being that the Fernandes Monterey is modeled loosely after a Gibson Les Paul Junior (or an early SG)...

Yes, that's the way they were built 50 years ago, Fernandes is just offering their version of an old classic.

So yes, in your case, it's perfectly 100% normal. :D

To be slightly more specific, any guitar using a TOM/stop tailpiece 'type' of setup is introducing the need of an angle out towards the neck/nut. To have NO angle and still work, either the neck would be sitting, like, 1 inch off of the body (roughly the same height that your TOM is sitting above the body now), or the TOM would have to be recessed -into- the body to match the height of the neck as it sits now, you following me here?

And even if you did either of those, you'd still have a poorer break angle over the TOM, leading to less pressure, = less tone transmission = suck tone.

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My bad...the neck angle on my LP is actually 6 degrees (not 12). My first measurement was wrong (funky protractor borrowed from work...).

I just checked with my wife & kids, and they verified that I actually CAN tell the difference between the headstock and the body B) I'm pretty proud of myself :D

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