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Buzz Problem (yeah the pick ups work :D)


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Hi thx for all the help on my previous topic, I fixed the main problem. The bridge humbuckers contactpoint for the ground (from the coil to the casing). But that is fixed now. And they sound pretty sweet for a noname thing but now I've got another problem.

Its buzzing, like a single coil only just a tad bit worse probably. There are a few screws in the bucker when I go near them you hear like its picking up my statics electricity I'm carying or something like that. When I adjust the screws a bit its a bit less. Really weird.

But even more weird, when I roll down the tone pot the buzzing is gone, and the tone doesnt change much. So its a solution but not quite what I want.

Anyone have any solution. BTW I'll look on the forum know see if my little knowledge can help other people. The forum looks quite cool, lets see if I make it to the 1000 :D.

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I grounded the bridge and tested for circuit with a multimeter. Was hard to do though right now its just a paperclip into the hole for the bridge (les paul like guitar) and its sticking to the bridge because I clamped it behind the tone put so there is tension on it :D, still the multimeter says its ok so I guess its ok B). To be sure I'll retest it...

Ok resistance is low so that should be allright.

I followed the wiring diagram from stewmac.com the one in wich the middle position doesnt have individual volume control for the buckers.

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