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Angled neck question

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Real novice here. I've tried the seach function but didn't find anything on this - could be I didn't search correctly? but here goes. I'm building my first guitar and it's mainly for practice using some parts I've had laying around for years (neck, pick ups, bridge, tailpiece). I've cut the body out of home depot pine (practice remember). The guitar I'm trying to build will be roughly a ES335 copy since the neck I'm using is an Epiphone copy of the 335. So now I've got a solid pice of wood 1 1/2 inches thick shapped like a guitar. How do I route a neck pocket for an angled or (tilted?) bolt on neck like the 335 with a tuneomatic bridge? I'll be glueing on a plywood arched top and back from an old silvertone that's been in the atic for 20 years. The sides separated years ago from the heat but the top and back still look good. I know it sounds kind of goofy but it's to develop some skills I don't have before trying the real thing. I've got an Epi 335 copy I'm using for measurements. Thanks

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