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hi, the g-string on my epiphone les paul custom gets out of tune really easy. i just have to bend the string a couple of times and then its like 1/2 step down. it already did this, when it was new. can you give me any advises how to fix the problems. it's got the grover tuners. thanks. helge

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The problem sounds like it's down to poor stringing techique because only 1 string is going out of tune, not all of them. Make sure you don't wind too 'much string' around the tuners (2-3 complete windings around the tuner is plenty), and that the string isn't slipping out through the tuner.

New strings take time to bed in (mainly due to the slack around the tuner), so to speed up the bed in process I like to tune up to the correct pitch and 'waggle' the string up and down several times (about half way down the length of the string). Strings can normally take quite a bit of pulling so don't be too afraid of breaking it. Retune the guitar and repeat untill it seams quite stable. This should help matters.


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