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Mixing wood dyes and adding layers

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The wood dyes i checked out are i think alcohol ones. They said something about putting onto vare wood only, and i've heard this around with dyes, yet walkthroughs say you can add layers .... is this possible?

also if i want to gradually increase a colour, can i just mix dyes together to get the desired colour and then rub in this colour onto the part of my guitar i want e.g. highlightened?


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Alcohol based dyes can be mixed with certain lacquers and sprayed as transparent coloured coats. They can also be applied directly to the wood, though you'll want to move fast, since they dry very quickly, which can cause streaking.

Waterbased dyes can also be used to create coloured clear coats, but you are more restricted in your choice of finish. They can also be applied directly to wood, and are easier to use since they dry more slowly. However, they do raise the grain, so it is recommended you dampen the wood to raise the grain first, then sand away the raised grain before dyeing.

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