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Finished kit bass


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Sweet , how does it play ? ... Also , this thread might have been a little better in the "in progress & finished work" section. :D

Sorry about that. I'm kinda of new here, and had posted in this forum for help.

It plays great! There's a lot of tonal versitality between the two pickups, coil tap, and three band preamp, and the notes just seem to fly off the fret board.

Mods, if this needs to be moved, please do.

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Yeah, the foot's nice, but the TiVo remote and the camera strap really clinch it for me.

Nice bass, too. I gotta say, I think it would look better if it were a smooth finish. On that note, what would it look like if you grainfilled with clear AFTER the color coats, and then clearcoated? It'd still be a defined grain and a smooth finish, but a very natural look!

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