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Truss rod installation

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Hello everybody ! I'm a newbie and this is my first post. I am starting my first home build project and need some help. I saw (somwhere on the web) pictures of a guitar someone built where the truss rod adjustment nut access hole was in the side of the neck heel nstead of nthe end of the neck heel or at the headstock.

I liked this method as you did not have to remove the pickguard to adjust the neck. The adjustment nut could be accessed from the lower cut away at the heel of the neck, and it seemed less difficult than trying to get a clean and professional looking access hole at the headstock.

I have looked at Stewart-Mac and Warmoth and USACG and I cannot find a truss rod system that works this way. Does anyone here know what kind of truss rod this is and where I can get one ?

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Since I haven't been able to find a side adjustment truss rod, I have decided to go with a Stewart-Mac Hot Rod double truss for my first guitar and I am going to place the adjustment screw at the heel.

Is there any reason that I could not drill a hole from the heel socket into the first pickup cavity to allow access to the adjustment nut, and allow for adjusting with out removing the neck ? The routing I am doing has a channel between the first and second pickup cavities that is deep enough to allow for inserting the allen wrench in this way.

I know that mechanically this would work, but I am concerned that any modification to the heel socket could affect the sustain and tonal qualities, if the neck does not fit firmly in the socket. Of course this would only be a 1/4 " hole and should not really make any difference in how the neck fits into the socket.

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I called Warmoth and they said that they still offer their necks with these truss rods installed, but they do not sell the truss rods alone. I found a web page for Gotoh and sent an e-mail to them asking if there is anywhere in the states that these can be purchased. I will let everyone know if I hear back from them.

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