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What sort of wood would a woodchuck buy if .......


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Yo, completely new to this whole guitar building thing. In fact i ain't even started yet. I am about to start a project on a strat style design and at the minute i am looking to buy body blanks from a site i found. (i thought this would be smart as it is my first try) I am just wandering is there any particular type of wood that i should use, are any easier to work with? I am looking at a wood called Zebrano....i am guessing this is the same as zebra wood????? or else i am thinkin about getting Amazaque??? does anyone know anything about these woods?

thanks Mickyg :D

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depends on what sound your going for, and what your budget is. ive got bolivian rosewood and ebony, and the ebony is harder to cut and easier to tear out, but takes a polish way easier.

you'll also usually run into more problems if using more exotic or harder wood.

but for a strat i dont see whats wrong with mahogany or alder or swamp ash. how will it be finished? paint, oil, clear, ect?

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Poplar or Alder, Alder is pretty cheap too.

And if your first one actually comes out OK, I like Alder much more than Poplar.

But I agree, buy something inexpensive first, let's see if you can actually build a guitar before you get in deep.

Would you give a 16 (not saying you're 16 :D )year old a Mazerrati to learn how to drive in?

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I agree its your first so go cheap but if you want a nicer wood something that

will sound good and look good and won't kill your pocket book try flamed maple

or ash,poplar,mahogany just to list a few so do what you want and have fun!! B)


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hi, cheers for all your suggestions. I have now decided that i am gonna buy an ash body blank for 25 pounds. Alder sounded good but was an extra 30 pounds and i am on quite a tight budget at the minute.....so ash it is. I will order it in the next couple of days hopefully. Can't wait to get started on this bad boy

cheers again

Mickyg :D

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