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Finishing tips for a laminated neck


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I have some left over mahogany and curly maple that is sized right to make a laminated neck blank (mahogany on the outsides with a center strip of curly maple). Thinking ahead to finishing, the mahogany will need to have the pores filled but the maple doesn't. Will the filler just ignore the maple or do I need to mask it off to keep it off the maple? Also, I'll want the mahogany stained (dyed) a little darker brown. I'll have to tape off the maple then but does anyone see any other problems? Thanks folks.

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Go ahead and fill it all. When you sand down, you'll sand the filler off of the maple, and then all is well.

One thing you might want to be careful of: colored sealer, while it may look good on the mahogany, might have adverse effects on the maple. I've not tried this, but I would be careful about doing this.

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