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Ibanez Universe


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i know there are a few people here with access to plotters would anyone be interesting in printing a fullsize universe for a few bucks to cover time paper and shipping and some macdonalds. :D

i am working on a new fiberglass project and this would be a Godsend

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If you have a CopyZone or possibly a Kinkos near you, you can take the CAD file to them and they'll print it out for ya. THey like it to be complete though. Not juts hte model, but a layout page. Call ahead and ask if they can do it, and if so what format they use and page sizes.

If you don't know HOW to do that stuff, thats another story. If you catch them on a good day they might take the model and do the rest for ya. When I got one plotted out the gentlemen was in a good mood and a nice guy and he helped me set it up and plotted it.

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went to kinkos about 4 years ago and did just that with the jon petrucci inverted white black piccaso thing to print out full scale. after i spent time and money getting it sized right.

what do they do they put it on 500% and i ended up with like 36 feet of useless paper.

worse yet they tried to make me pay for it. i showed them their error and politely told them to Frag off

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