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Self assembly kits


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Hi, due to a lack of money, a severe lack of money should i say, and tools and expertise. I have decided to hold off on my first guitar building project for a bit. However i have decided to buy a self assembly telecaster kit from craft supplies.


I was just wandering though what sort of quality these sort of kits offer, am i likely to get a good sound or is it more likely to sound like piss???????


Michael :D

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I was thinking of trying a Carvin kit myself, as a good way to experiment with a Carvin guitar (All I hear is good things about them) but I cant seem to find them on the site anymore; it appears as though Carvin has done some revamping and lost some content and gained some broken links along the way. Any ideas?


I've thrown dozens of those kits together. They are, far and away, the best kits I've come across. I've seen kits on the net for ungodly amounts of money (Upwards of $1,000) and the Carvins are a fantastic value. You can also have them make stuff for *you* to go along with your kits. You can have them add options on ncks, have the bodies read routed, etc, etc, etc... They call it the 'Bolt Plus' kit and you have to call them directly because these options aren't available in the catalogs. If you have time, hit the Carvin catalog, bop around a check out what some of the folks over there have done with them. Some pretty great stuff in there.


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