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Plan on starting a Bass. What are your opinions?


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I am planning on starting a 5 string bass. My plans were to take the body size and style from my jazz bass, and perhaps change a few minor lines. My plans were to go with a bought, pre-radiused fingerboard. Any advice on this? Also, I am looking to find a bridge, but am having trouble deciding. I am looking in the $75 to 120 dollar US range. Unless there are better deals. I want this to be a quality bridge. Thanks for the input.

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Salut Moreau,

My first build is also a 5-string bass. My next build will be a 4-string jazz :D

5-string jazz sounds pretty cool. Take care when you buy a 5 string bridge. They've got all kinds of string spacings out there. The one I bought is just a tad too small to play pops and snaps like i'm used too, it's going to take some ajusting.

I bought a pre-radiused and slotted fingerboard from LMII, they're pretty nice.

Have a look at my build site in my signature.

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yes... there are 5 string bridges available that have the same spacing as a four string.

I can only recommend that you radius and fret your own board, even on your first build.... I did so... at the suggestion of some experienced builders... besides the fact that you should learn how to make your own board, which sounds cooler..." I built the whole damn thing by myself" or "Well I built all of it except for the fretboard- one of the most important parts"... just make sure you do it really accurately and take your time- only buy a preslot if after reading as much as yoou can about doing it yourself- if you still dont have aenough confidence in your precision... peace and good luck


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Remember, if you use standard Fender string spacing, your neck and everything associated with it (nut, neck pocket, etc.) is going to have to be approximately 20-25% wider (than a standard Fender 4-string neck). In order for it to play well, it's very important that the bridge width, nut width and neck taper all match. I know that sounds obvious, but I have several generic 5-string bridges that will not work with the Kramer neck-thru body blank I've been working on, so make sure everything fits and works together.

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