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Humbucker wirings


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B) Hi, i´m making a circuit for a humbucker to explore all options. I have found here ( humbucker wiring mods )how to wire it in five positions (end of the page):

1. Series

2. Single (North)

3. Parallel

4. Single (South)

5. Series out of phase

:D But there is another rotary switch (6 positions) and more one position in the humbucker (6. Parallel out of phase), so please can anyone explain to me (with a diagram is better :D )how to wire a humbucker in 6 positions with a 6 sound rotary switch?????

Many thanks


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Ok, I've never actually wired up a guitar (haven't come that far with my current project) but just by mentally tracing the path from ground to switch/vol control in that 5-way rotary diagram this is what I think:

The rotary switch is divided into 4 sections (two on each half), and on a 6-way rotary there'd just be an additional lug in each section. As far as I can see all you'd have to do for each section (imaging them numbered 1-4 from top to bottom, where section 3 isn't used) is this:

  • section 1: connect lug 6 to ground (just as lug 2 & 3)
  • section 2: connect lug 6 to ground (just like lug 5)
  • section 4: connect lug 6 to switch or vol control

Again I'm no expert at all (I'm sure those who are will correct me if I'm wrong), but as far as I can see it's just that simple.

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If I understand you correctly, you're using these options for a single humbucking pickup - please note that the out-of-phase positions will not only cancel most of the signal coming from the strings, making the output very weak, but they will also not cancel any noise, making it very prone to EMI noise. I also seriously doubt that you can hear the difference between the north and south coils. Just my 2¢.

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Hi, thanks both replys B) !

I´m using a humbucker and 2 single coils for my project guitar, but the 6 switch is only to explore all functions on the humbucker (i´m also trying to explore both coils). I don´t know if it will be wired correctly, i´m just looking for all possible mods on the pickups :D .

I have read that parallel out of phase as a low power, but you know, more 1 option :D

many thanks


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