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Semi-hollow body help

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20030329phish.jpgwell, ive been searching the net for the past few months to find a semi-hollow body like Trey Anastasio's (Phish) for those of you that dont know what im talking about ill attach a pic. well anyways, i cant find one to my liking and ive decided to build one for myself, but however i havent the slightest clue as to how to do this, so can somebody help me out here? Where should i start? what should i make sure i do? what shouldnt i do? Where can i find a template? etc
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ohh ****, sorry, i didnt mean to post multiple threads, im a noob here, id like if the replies could be posted here

Start with reading the forum rules (*language*) and then maybe some of the tutorials on projectguitar.com. The home page has lots of tutorials listed. Also try reading "Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock,"

After you do some reading settle on a style you want. Maybe your own maybe some thing else. What tools do you have and how are you at using them?

When you settle on a design ( Phish's guitar was built by Paul Languedoc . I couldn't find out much about his axes) you need to start with what type of wood of you want to use. In this case the guitar is koa. Not to discourage you, but koa is fairly expensive (or a lot depending on your finances) and is not something to learn how to build with.

Most here would suggest something like poplar or alder which is less expensive.

Read through the form as well as the others I suggested and you'll soon find and answer

Good luck and welcome to the forum. This is a place where questions are welcomed.

I wish I could give you an easy answer to you question. I am sure you will get more answers later from others.

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