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Question about Micarta Nut size


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I am planning to buy a Micarta Nut from stewmac. I have have one problem. The neck that I have is 1 3/4 length x 5/16 height x 1/4 thickness. (all in inches)

They only sell

0187 1-7/8" x 9/32" x 1/8"

0220 1-3/4" x 5/16" x 1/8"

0218 2-3/16" x 7/16" x 3/16"

0210 2-3/16" x 7/16" x 1/4"

the 0220 is the closest, but it is not the right thickness, which one should i get, so it would be the closest fit?

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When I buy nuts (micarta, corian, whatever), I end up cutting and shaping it anyway.

So, buy the closest fit and cut away ...

Length, for me, is easiest to cut -- dremel with a cutting disk.

So I'd get that 0210 nut, if it were me. The height EASILY can be brought down while shaping/sanding and before cutting slots.

Dremel w/cutting disk brings the height where I need it ... if the height is way high.

Otherwise, I just sand it down the few 16ths that are needed.

Sand paper, palm sander, or dremel with sanding tip helps shape the back-curve of the nut.

My sucky files and slotting skill do a bad job at cutting slots. But, it all works out.

I always end up with some sanding paper on my workbench and running the nut to smooth/polish it when done.

Maybe ... buy 2 just in case :-)

-- joe

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Same here! Buy a pice as close to the size you need and start whittling away. I use a piece of glass and 400 grit and sand until it is the right height and thickness. Cutting the end off is the easy part. I'm sure there are better ways, but I'm still a caveman at heart.

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