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PVA woodglue, smeared 'ALL' over the bare wood surface. I applied it from the bottle to the whole area, the used my finger to spread it over the whole top.

Basically it dries clear so you can really press the material down tight against the surface. Some glue seeps through the material, but you just wipe it over as your pressing out the creases. When it dries you cant see it.

One thing I did differently to Brians tutorial tho is that he recomends pulling the fabric tight so it is taught over the pickup and trem cavities, whereas I made sure I had some slack in all those places. I didnt want to trim the fabric hard up against the edges, but rather fold the remaining over the edges and glue it down. So when I paint the inside Black Ill get a neater finish at the edges.

I guess both ways work fine and this is the first one Ive done. Brian seems to have done a few now, so unless you want to take your life into your hands your prolly better off following his instructions. I just like to be different.

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