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Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw


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Hey all,

I have an opportunity to pick one of these up from someone I know and really don't know enough to assess what it's worth. I'd like to help out this person but not be foolish, it's from their recently passed fathers shop and they are a cancer patient who doesn't have time to mess with this stuff.

I've been reading info on the internet and most isn't that great but then again, I may be able to get it pretty cheap (I think). But I want to be fair.

Has anyone had any experience with this table or have a sense what it's worth? Ebay was of no help, nore the internet.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. :D

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I've got a BT3000. It works pretty good. Pluses are that it's inexpensive, when the fences are set up right it's very accurate, and the blade it comes with cuts really clean... some of the wood I've cut looks like it's been planed. The downside is that the blades spins much faster than a normal tablesaw, so, aftermarket blades are turning faster than they're designed to. It uses a lot of aluminum and if the fence lock is overtightened, it will dent the aluminum rails. It isn't as sturdy as a fixed based tablesaw, but, it should be compared to similar sized/priced contractor (benchtop) tablesaws.

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You can buy one brand new for $299 and get the accessorry kit free. I've had one for 2 or 3 years now and I think i'd pay for a new if someone stole it. You could part it out on ebay and get more then $300 back. I've seen where people buy 2 and hook the rails together. IMO, this saw rocks, I don't have the money for a big cabinet saw, and it does what I need it to do. I don't try to cut a full sheet of plywood with it, unless its 3/8"or less. Yet its held up to the abuse I do give it, being an amatuer, and a beginner.

Are you gonna steal my saw? :D

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I bought one and my only complaint is that the screws that came with the router table stripped the first time I tried to take out my router. (The table only takes Ryobi routers, another downside) It was a big pain. They also don't send basic mirer slides.

That aside, it's been a great saw. I've rehabbed my house with it and it's a workhorse. If it burned up I might buy a heavier duty saw altogether, but I like this one a lot.

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