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Airbrushing on something kinda different.

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Hey everyone, I know this isn't a guitar, but I figured it was finishing related, so I opted to put it here. I was hired to spray a friends RC Helicopter body for him. The heli is turbine powered (that's right, a jet engine) and is about 7 feet long, here is what I did, first, here is the before picture :D


and here are a few pics now B)




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they all look the same to me :D

just kidding

btw, lgm... i noticed on your avatar that alien head has the shape of a guitar pick. it would be cool if you'd get some green picks, and cut (or print) eyeholes in them. maybe put lgm letters on the other side, and then send them as a gift to your customers when you send their guitars back. just an idea.

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