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Binding Question


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Stewmac has a good binding tutorial of their own that will answer a lot of your questions.

Stewmac binding

I just used this info and a little binding experience (very little - one guitar) to put a 7 ply binding on the front of a LP style guitar. Came out ok.

If your binding is celluloid nitrate, it softens easily with a little heat that helps bend it around tight spaces. I used a hair dryer (blow dryer) for a few seconds to soften the binding around tight curves. You don't really have to do that around more gentle curves.

Good luck.

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Gluing the binding is not all that difficult, I just use a ton of masking tape. The key piece is getting the channel cut accurately. I use the Stew Mac routing bit with bearings. Works great. This is my second binding job. Also, the glue that I use is the same stuff that Stew Mac sells - I bought it at a local plastics / sign supply shop.


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Hi sscovill,

The binding usually doesn't fold over the top. It sits on a ledge cut into the body and has enough thickness that it shows both on the side and the top. It comes in straight strips of many dimensions... (send for a Stewmac catalog and you'll get a good idea of what they look like. The catalog is great to have around as kind of a wish book. :-) The binding is then formed to follow the contours of the body. Be careful using high heat or open flame to help bending the material. Cellulose based binding can burst into flame on you. As said before masking tape is your friend while working with bindings... Hope some of this helped...


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