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Building my first guitar - MANY questions

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hey guys

im building an explorer shape body, and im using parts from an old beater guitar on the explorer. it has an odd floyd rose trem, kinda like a fender trem but with fine tuners and a locking nut. I want to install a tune-o-matic bridge, but i dont know how im going to put the neck on an angle since my school doesnt have any fancy tools. im probably just going to stick the floyd in and then block it, but i have no idea on installing a floyd bridge. is it possible to remove the pivot screw things from the beater guitar, and then install it on my new guitar? how do i install the pickups? i know i have to drill holes in the cavaties to get the wire through. im mostly concerned about the tremolo installation. if anyone can help, that would be great.


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Welcome to the forum :D

Well I know you could get away with a neck shim in the pocket to get the angle but it would have to be a custom built one. Kind of easy to make though if you have a sander handy.

As far as the trem goes, thats going to be a bit more detailed depending on what the area looks like where you want to mount it on the body. If your dealing with a fresh project body that never has had a trem mounted in or on it then would be easier mounting the tune-o-matic bridge vs doing all of the routing for a floyd.

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