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Wilkinson Trem Q?

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Um, didn't you mean to say "an SG Standard?"

Wilkinson/ wilkinson type trems have a 2 & 1/8th inch string-spacing and, therefore, would not work on an SG without lots of dowel-plugging holes & redrilling new ones. (A thing I've never done, btw).

And, if I'm not mistaken, the Wilkinsons need to be angled at 1.5 degrees (to operate "optimally").

I wouldn't "do it"...(myself). A professional luthier might agree to do it. My guess is it would be about 50-75 bucks for the job. I dunno.

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Oh. You musta/maybe meant an "Ibanez RG" (???).

I'm not sure what their string-spacing is....or if the Winkinson studs would easily retro-fit (without significant mods & rehabs).


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Okay...anyway, you say you've got an RG Standard, but you didn't give the model number. I'm going to assume it's a "value" RG and came with the two-post, standard-style, non-locking trem instead of a Floyd-copy.

Since you're refinishing, it probably won't be a big deal. Put the Wilkinson in position and see if it will line up with the old studs. If not, take out the old studs, plug with dowels, drill new holes for the Wilky studs, and refinish the guitar.

Keep in mind you'll probably have to do some routing if the trem block is bigger or in a slightly different spot than the old one. Probably nothing you can't handle. The Wilkinson is a fine upgrade if you already have a two-post knife-edge trem setup. Fender used to offer it on the old US Strat Plus models, too.

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